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  • yarjazz
    The tiers are fairly simple. No releases since 2018 - probably good, but no royalties being paid. Skirl counts as no releases since 2018. The rest - no worth the download space. 
    February 12 Comment
    • omnifoo
      I meant I'd like to see serious jazz fans rank the labels on Bandcamp, not eMu.
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  • yarjazz
    Just to add to your list of eMUsic cupidity - Steven Joerge who owns AUM Fidelity has told me that he hasn't been paid for over two years for downloads from eMusic. He only keeps old product there because his lawyer told him that will better protect him when eMusic goes bankrupt. I think no matter how much protection one has, nobody is getting anything when eMusic fails. Except Tamir Koch, of course.
    February 8 Comment
  • yarjazz
    Steven Joerge the owner of AUM Fidelity has told me that he has NOT been paid for albums downloaded from eMusic for well over two years and that his lawyer has told him that removing all his product from the site might put him lower on the totem pole to receive anything when eMusic goes tits up. That proof enough for you?

    Personally, I think that even high on the totem pole is going to be worth exactly $0.00.
    February 8 Comment