Un Festin Sagital & the experimental scene in San Tiago, Chile

  1. Niño Ateo

    "First track of our upcoming album, "Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum"... a very dark and strange album, with a particular mix of avant prog, post industrial, drone, avant pop and black metal elements... rock in oposition to rock in oposition said Chris McBeth, the owner of Beta-Lactam Ring Record... the label who will release this bizarre and intense album. Enjoy.
    The amazing artwork came from Jesse Peper: http://jessepeper.com/"


    - More about this unique band from Santiago, Chile at some other time. . . .


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    1. Released on Beta-lactam Ring Records in 2012:
      Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum album cover  
      Un Festin Sagital - Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum (So God Loved The World)

      - "Rock in opposition to Rock In Opposition. Un Festin Sagital's formulae are Sagittarian with surprises. The dense, electro-motorik opening statement that SEEMS like it will be thematic, is eventually reneged upon by tiny sounds orbiting disembodied voices. A congregation of folk-psych and noise follows on in the tradition of anti-tradition, pronating on the side of a rather thrilling, ghostly top tenor performing expert vocal routines on the uneven bars. Upon the arrival the album's truest progressive gnostication, it becomes clear that, while beautiful with a little bit of a Crimson tide running through it, UFS prefers its musical limbs remain dislocated. This is especially evidenced by the final reverberating drone of floating on the far side of the galaxy at journey's end. Along with copper and unmanufactured ferro-alloy materials, UFS are one of Chile's finest exports."

      >Conejo Verde (The Green Rabbit): The more stronger six gates of a lysergic apocalypse (most important electric guitars)

      >Aztharoth: More low whispers of life, the earth is murmuring their formless passion (electric bass)

      >Cinturon Negro (The Black Tide): Lucid madness of a tribal insanity (tenor sax)

      >Aranos: Violins from the crazier feast in human history, more strings for the puppet-god (double bass, viola, trumpet and violin), little touches of quiet wildness (percussions, included a gong)

      >Algotra: The insolent chaos of non rational life-sail (dissonant and sutile violins)

      >Pintocabezas: Analogue perversion of paradise and the lust of Buddha (analogue noises and sitar)

      >Fakuta: The nice daughter of god, is eve (sweet surrealistic voices)

      >Tara: Voices from a bestial dream

      >Thanatoloop (Michel Leroy Valdez): Sonic alchemy, sacred conception, digital screams of a horny saint, the acoustic distortion of six sacred gates, the piano of the hottest bar in hell, the voice of doG, the drums of the rite, some low vibrations of the underground, and disintegrated poetry (sound production, concept-composition, electric and acoustic guitar, violin, bass, keyboards, electronics, voices, percussion, lyrics and acoustic piano).
      - Chris McBeth @ Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2012
      Bandcamp - http://templosagital.blogspot.dk/

      ETA: - And the bonus Album accompanying the physical release:
      Un Festin Sagital - La Muerte Solar
      Line up:
      Michel Leroy (aka. Thanatoloop): Voice, Clean and Distorted Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Theremin, Radiowaves, Electro/acoustic Noises, Mix and Production
      Conejo Verde: Electric Guitar and Voices
      Fernando Pinto: Electric Bass and Voices
      Ricardo Pérez: Drums, Percussion and Voices
      Gonzalo Díaz: Percussion and Voice
      Recorded by Paulo Rojas (live section) and Michel Leroy (studio section) Live section recorded live on SCD, Stgo, Chile, on summer 2008 Studio section recorded on Templo Sagital and FXS studio between 2007 and 2009.

      The title is a tribute to surrealist poet, Gérard de Cortanze..
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    How could I forget that UFS has got their very own thread . . .

    Well, here's one of my albums of the year 2014:
    Un Festin Sagital - Kosmodynamos
    - "New studio album by Un Festin Sagital as an edition of 50 numbered copies issued early October 2014. This edition includes original artwork by UFS and Armchair Migraine Journey plus a bonus 7" of UFS with guest Patrick Wright (ex Legendary Pink Dots) on two tracks and two collaboration tracks with UFS meets Armchair Migraine Journey and AMJ meets UFS. 

    Slowly the great ashen dynamo surges, spilling molten droplets of plasma and cosmic waste, each taking shape, coalescing into stars, planets, entire galaxies, drifting ever further away from the throbbing energy and boiling gasses that lie at the crux of all creation. A massive, disembodied heart that beats out a rhythm so impossibly slow - each pulse separated by an epoch, each quaver a thousand thousand lifetimes, burning and fuming with dark energies. This is power on an unimaginable scale, machinery vast and magnificent, spinning entire realities into existence. This is Kosmodynamos. 

    "This record is a translation of Un Festín Sagital circa 2011, when, lashed by a complete lack of resources and without a place that sheltered our previous psych rock effervescences, we had to please ourselves with the quest for subtle and blunt emotions: the universe spoke to us with concealed voices, we had to be quiet and listen, and thus the small explosions of new born galaxies reached our instruments in a pure resonance adventure, following the modesty and beauty that we think this record communicates. This record is also a huge expression of motion, spinning wheels like the stars pounding in the heart of the sidereal enigma, oceanic and telluric."
    (by Albert Parra, finished by Fernando Pinto)
    Beta-lactam Ring Records - €music

    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

    - "Un Festín Sagital born from a impro duo of Hammond and Drums, in the year 2002. Thier first album is called "Pharmakon", and was very well recieved in thier free download internet archive release, and in thier very limited edition of 40 copies. Then came "Epitafio a la Permanencia", this album was released through Beta-Lactam Ring Records, and have a even better reception, with very good reviews around the underground music scene (veterans of experimental music as Edward Ka-Spel, Aranos, Aaron Moore, have good opinions about our music).The band have released a big number of self produced cd-r and free downloads, but also more produced albums like "Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum" (through blrrecords) and "Bestias Solares" (released in a limited private press, and waitng for a official release)."     

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    Released today on Bandcamp:

      Un Festin Sagital, James Hamilton, Armchair Migraine Journey -  Moesta et Errabunda 

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    Just in at bandcamp:

       UFS / Armchair Migraine Journey -  Habitando la Fisura

  • Just in at Bandcamp:

      Thanatoloop - El Ser no existe

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    Brand new from aka. Thanatoloop, member of UFS:
    Kisu Vol1 cover art

    Michel Leroy - Kisu Vol​.​1

    Michel Leroy: Acoustic Guitar, Zither and Voice
    "dedicated to all the mapuches injured and killed by the chilean goverment... and in general to all the opressed beings anywhere"
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    Edward Ka-Spel & The Silverman (feat Michel Leroy & Mc Abdullah)


    Terremoto: Live in Chile 2008

    - Michel Leroy aka Thanatoloop of Un Festin Sagital
    Recorded live in Santiago de Chile on november 2008. The name of the album, is a reference to a typical chilean drink, wich the pink dots share with chilean friends on thier southamiercian adventure years ago... but also terremoto means earthquake, something that happens "too much" in Chile, and is a near death experience that mark all of us here.
    (Michel Leroy)
  • httpsf4bcbitscomimga1192185980_14jpg
    - released January 18, 2016
    Thisquietarmy is:
    Eric Quach: Electric Guitar

    Thanatoloop is:
    Michel Leroy: 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Voice

    *Split release done to get funds for the TQA`s chilean tour.

    *Recorded & edited at TQA.HQ, Montreal, Canada, and Templo Sagital, La Serena, Chile. 2015-2016
  • Name your price at Bandcamp:


    Thanatoloop - Ansia y Desate

     - Released September 18, 2016 and really excellent . . .
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    Excellent new stuff from Un Festin Sagital member, Michel Leroy Valdés

    Alexander Leonard Donat
    Michel Leroy Valdés
    Recorded in Chile and Germany between Sept 2016 and Feb 2017
    Released April 6, 2017
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    New solo release from Michel Leroy Valdés, releases March 2, 2019 

    Thanatoloop - XIII La Maldición: La Dama de Cao

  • La revuelta infinita vol​.​3: revolución post​-​humana
    Cazuela: percusión electrónica
    Thanatoloop: electrónica y voz
    released January 20, 2020
    released January 27, 2020
    Since October of 2019 there have been widespread protest, clashing & street battles against the government, police and military by citizens whom were sick of the arbitrary legislation, tax hikes, low wages, basic corruption on near every level, nepotism and overall greed seemingly spearheaded by the country's elite, leaders, officials, large business and land owners and all bourgeois upper class. They seemingly had had enough and chose to stand up for their basic human rights and fight back. They are still going strong as of the date of this release. The whole world should be watching in full support of the lower and middle class taking a stand all around Chile. The bullies are always the rich and powerful. So... Smash the state! Eat the rich! or as they said at the start in Chile... ¡Evade!
    U.F.S. or rather more commonly known as Un Festín Sagital (A Sagittal Feast) has been making unique experimental music in the post-industrial and neofolk outsider circles for nearly two decades. Since forming under the leadership of Michel Leroy (Thanatoloop) in 2003 they have played countless shows in and around their home terra of Santiago, CHILE in good old South America and abroad. They have put out numerous albums on labels all around the world and have worked with many other experimental artists and put out albums with scene legends such as the great Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots). Yes that was a name drop but no shame in being awesome. Dysgeusia is honored to finally release this effort and our full support goes to them and theirs and the protests still going strong. EAT THE RICH!
    - Dysgeusia Records.
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    Dominado por máquinas de amorosa misericordia
    released April 19, 2020
    (Dominated by machines of loving mercy)
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    released October 2, 2020

    released March 23, 2020
    "There have been some shows so special that I wonder why I’ve been privileged to be in attendance. Go back 12 years, I’m in a tiny club in Valparaiso, Chile. It was my first (and still, only) trip to the Southern Hemisphere, and nothing feels real. The electric, mind-boggling performance of Un Festin Sagital is doing nothing to snap me out of that dream state. Imagine a hybrid of This Heat and Art Zoyd with the Panic button burning red and melting the mixing board. It was 3am and maybe 30 people were watching, but the spectral attendance on a other plain couldn’t be counted. Simply unforgettable. Michel, who drove this phenomenal outfit with his passion and musicianship is still highly active and his latest album, “Xtasis" as Thanatoloop is utterly essential. It’s Bandcamp Day…Go for it my friends..."
    - Edward Ka-Spel.

  • "He made the animals to produce the most beautiful sounds the earth has ever heard. And he made the Snakes a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honour"

    Chanting Snakes - The Poppy Trilogy Part 2: Orgánico
    The poppy trilogy (in three different editions) is the result of a musical co-operation with Thorsten Wald (Redderhead, Halbes Vakuum) for eight years. We are both long-term fans of the Legendary Pink Dots and therefore not free of influences from our favorite band (and their former violin player Patrick Q Wright joined in one of our songs).
    "Noise is not the absence of silence and silence is not the absence of noise.
    There is no absence of noise at all. Silence is an illusion."

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