New(ish) Theatre of Tradgedy

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For some reason, I never got into these guys, despite listening to everything in the vicinity. Turns out, when I really decided to give a new album a try[0], they really do appeal, and I've started listening to the older stuff too. Just a heads-up for anyone interested.


ps: does BBCode not work here?


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    BBCode test:
    Theatre of Tragedy - Storm
    Hope this works.
  • @eythian: you have to enable the bbc code circle (under the text box) - otherwise it's plain text.

  • @brittleblood: I'm the sysadmin here, tyvm ;) However when I posted that over a year ago, there were issues that the forum was having with bbcode.
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    On my first post I had the same thing happen and I had the same question. So when the great and powerful Ethyian (creator of TWSNBS/J) has the same problem I don't feel so intimidated.

    I still don't quite understand what the Text vs BBCode button is supposed to do and when its supposed to do it but it must default to the proper setting or something.

    When I went back in and edited the original post and everything seemed to be formatted correctly I hit the submit button again and as if by magic my linkys were there

    That is all

  • For me the button stays set to the same as my last post.

    And it's handy for explaining how to do bbcode :-)

    [url=]That is all[/url]

    Probably some other good uses, but they haven't occurred to me yet.
  • You can leave the BBCode button on unless you want to use square brackets in your post. I think xtrev hit it on the head: Posting examples of BBCode is the main use for the button.
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