That's up to 50% less than iTunes or Amazon!

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  • You can't say that - I'm afraid it violates our Community Guidelines. Ooops, wrong website.
  • Guidelines? We don't need no stinking guidelines!

    I only noticed the Kanye because they are plugging it on Facebook, where the price diff has been duly pointed out in the comments. I think we've established that discounted titles like this are loss leaders for Amazon, but talk about eating the competition's lunch.
  • Yes, have you noticed how many of the items 7digital have had on sale, mostly just the $4/$5 titles they've been running a while, some Advent stuff, have been 0.01 less on Amazon? Not a coincidence I'd say.
  • How many of these do you think will be 99 cents cheaper than at eMordac?
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