Anyone with Zydeco recommendations?

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I've been wanting to add some Zydeco to my collection, but don't know much about it (other than I like it). Who are the artists I should check out? I realize a google search might give me some answers, but I would trust recommendations from those here more than anonymous ones on the internet.

I know this is a rather specific question and it is possible that no one will have any recommendations, but figured that if anyone did it would be the folks here.



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    Well, I'll add my two-cents' worth although it's probably not going to be very helpful, as I don't have first-hand listening experience of anything that is available on eMu. But you probably can't go wrong with Buckwheat Zydeco and eMu does have Buckwheat's 100% Fortified that AMG described as his best effort. I haven't heard 100% Fortified, but I remember being blown away by a song by Buckwheat Zydeco called "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway" on a Paste sampler some while back. That song is from Buckwheat's Higher Ground album.

    eMu has a song called Make It To Me by Buckwheat Zydeco & Sonny Landreth on a various artists album track 10 here. That has to be a winning combination.

    Unfortunately, what you really need is some Sonny Landreth that's not available here. Landreth's album Levee Town has a song called Zydecoldsmobile that is a smokin' hot instrumental.

    You may also like this video clip of Landreth playing Zydeco Shuffle. Totally awesome.

    Oh - almost forgot. Search for 'zydeco' at this old thread. I remember there was quite a lot of recommendations in there.

    Woops - I didn't see JUJ already recommended 100% Fortified.
  • Beautiful guys. Thanks!

    I was hoping to use my "free" booster pack on some things, and these will be perfect.

  • Craig, I just noticed that Amazon has a free download of a track from Buckwheat Zydeco's album Lay Your Burden Down here.
  • if you are going in that direction, there's a jazz orleans jazz festival - search it for recs. but i have no business being there so i should shut it.
  • Thanks for the headsup Kez. Happy to add that one!

    68 is that the board you were getting banned from?

  • I recommend the Cajun and Zydeco Compilation from Rounder Records.

    Living in the middle of Cajun country, I've had the chance to hear some local acts. One I like is Cedric Watson, who I notice has one album on eMu.
  • I'm partial to Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band from seeing them in clubs in San Francisco when I was a youngster.
  • Ah, zydeco brings me back to my youth. Hot summer days at the Jambalya Jam down in Philly. I made a lasting impression with my air guitar - one of the members of Buckwheat's band took my t-shirt and had everybody sign it. Buckwheat's was the largest.

    I should pick up some more as it's been a long time...
  • yes. that is the board...altho a sr. member pm'd me after my posts were n00ked and said, "you are prolly innocent, but whacky events of late have folks trigger happy." she intervened on my behalf and i am no longer n00ked - altho that took away the thrill. your choice, imho.
  • Thanks for the recs choiceweb0pen0 and cbcd. Looks like I'll have a good jumping off point for some exploring.

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    Can't believe nobody's mentioned Clifton Chenier!

    Isn't he 'the King of Zydeco' or something?
    Certainly always used to sell well back when I was working in record shops :-)
  • How about Keith Frank And The Soileau Zydeco Band?
  • For Clifton Chenier try Bogalusa Boogie, beware the track mislabelling which one reviewer was kind enough to point out, or my favorite Bayou Blues which is a real swamp blues kind of album. Et toi.
  • Sweet. I just realized that my library has a fair amount of Buckwheat Zydeco and Clifton Chenier. You guys have come through with so many recs that it was necessary to find some outside of eMu!

  • Another thread reminded me of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-chas. He was sort of a Buckwheat Zydeco disciple. The early albums, late '80's, early 90's are quite good. So were the albums then by C.J.Chenier and the Louisiana Red Hot Band - he was Clifton's son and carried on with his father's old band.
  • Beau Jocque! Man, I loved "Pick Up On This" and then got the next few albums that followed.

    Here's what AMG says: Easily the biggest zydeco star of the 1990s, Beau Jocque heralded the rise of the genre's new, urbanized style; infusing his high-octane sound with elements of rock, soul, hip-hop and even reggae, he bridged the gap between traditional Creole culture and contemporary music to create a funky, bass-heavy hybrid calculated for maximum mainstream appeal.

    I say it chomps Buckwheat and spits out Cha-Chas! Too bad that emu doesn't have the Rounder titles, but I found these:

    Zydeco Giant
    I'm Coming Home
    This Is Beau Jocque! (Artist mistagged as That No Good Woman).
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