Anyone know a one armed drummer in the Dallas area?

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  • OK, now I'm trying to figure out why one arm drummers are spiritual :-).
  • I know a couple dudes, but they both have prostetics.
  • "Take my arm, take my leg....."
  • Probably worth getting your arm removed and taking drum lessons to get in on this one.

    Dallas here I come!

    (I also love the "flame retardent kit" requirement.)
  • bump.

    there. now the top two posts read "anyone know a one armed drummer in the Dallas area who loves thick meaty bass lines?"
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    As it should be.

    I'm guessing there are about 35 people in this country who know still the difference between "your" and "you're". And don't even get me started on "their", "there" and "they're".
  • In contrast, there are just under 300 million who know there is an "h" in prosthetics.

    I was wondering if they were going to require that the left arm be the missing one.
  • flame retardent:

  • Also gotta love that they're Dallas's hottest Def Leopard Tribute band, unlike their inferior counterparts that are lukewarm on a good day.
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    To add to frog's list, when did "a lot" become "alot?"
  • Or allright, alright?
  • Love all the corrections and the fact that no one has yet pointed out that it's Def Leppard not Def Leapard as the flier claims.

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    I've just been mulling over their band name, and the flame retardant kit, and the one arm drummer, and wondering if they have a one-time only stage show involving fatalities. What happened to their last one arm drummer? I think we need to know.
  • Spontaneous combustion a la Spinal Tap? Did a drummer in the real Def Leppard catch on fire AND lose an arm?
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    Perhaps they dress like this, which is from a Def Leppard album titled Pyromania, no less, and then self-immolate from embarrassment.
    Especially in Texas.
  • Especially in Texas.

    dress like that in texas, the combustion may not be spontaneous.
  • Wait a second, in that photo the drummer doesn't have any arms.
  • I think he forgot his shorts as well, that would explain the grouping.
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