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Since it took me a little digging to track down all of the following for my own use, I thought it might be useful to others to record my findings here.

Post_Piano by Taylor Deupree + Kenneth Kirschner is a wonderful CD of electronic treatments of piano samples, full of drones and clicks and whispers and small rhythms, experimental yet still very musical. I like it a great deal and recommend it warmly. Still the best out of the things listed below, but it did make me interested in all the related music that it spawned...


Post_Piano 2 by Taylor Deupree + Kenneth Kirschner was the follow-up. I streamed this a few times and have still not purchased it - I cared for it quite a bit less than the first one. Its significance, however, is that the release includes the source files used to make the tracks, and it was turned into an open-source project, with others invited to create their own versions. This generated the following that I have found so far.


The Post_Piano Open Remix Project can be individually or as a complete zip downloaded for free here. As you can see from the track listing, there are a few familiar names involved if you like this kind of thing, and indeed there's some nice listening to be had.
Term is pleased to present a selection of recordings from the Post_Piano 2 Open Remix Project. The PP2_ORP was conceived as a logical continuation of Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner’s recent open source CD, post_piano 2. Just as post_piano 2 was based entirely on Kirschner’s piano sketch November 11, 2003, contributors to the PP2_ORP were invited to follow the same process that Deupree & Kirschner used on their CD by taking Kirschner’s sketch and using it as raw material for new compositions.
The response to the PP2_ORP was overwhelming: Term received over a hundred new recordings from around the world representing a tremendous range of creative approaches to the material. We are proud to present here a small cross-section of these contributions in order to showcase some of the diverse and innovative approaches taken by the project’s talented participants.
andy graydon cloister 05.20.05
billy gomberg 11.11.03 holding version
blake stickland seconal
dale lloyd ruminations [post AKEO]
dead letters spell out dead words july 12th, 2005
direwires november 11, 2003 (reinterpreted)
ed function rheinsprung
john hanes blast furnace, youngstown, ohio 1983
lars nagler vers from 111103
mattias petersson past_pianos
michael ferrell kirschner 4am
minus pilots eleven eleven three
nature/center snowshoes
remote_ piano_sequence [pp2_seq]
roberto rodrigo piano fantasma
skoltz_kolgen track10
ssim-el july 7 2005 remix
stanlow crickets 11-11-03_afterthought
steinbrüchel tasten
stephan mathieu inside piano
talk show host fetch and dig


Then there was this full 12k release of remixes of the same Kirschner piano piece, postpiano 07.05 by Skoltz_Kolgen. This I downloaded recently and am enjoying it so far.
12k is pleased to announce the release of a new, limited edition CD from acclaimed Canadian visual and sound artists Skoltz_Kolgen. postpiano 07.05 presents eleven variations of Kenneth Kirschner’s “November 11, 2003,” the source material for post_piano 2 (12k1032) by Kirschner and 12k’s Taylor Deupree. Skoltz_Kolgen’s new CD extends the open source process of interpretation that began with post_piano 2 and continued with the post_piano 2 Open Remix Project (term.12).



Post Piano Interpretations by Venus Vulture is another set of remixes of the open source Kirschner track. They feel a bit unfinished in places, but are worth a listen, and free to download at
Pieces and sketches based on the Post Piano Open Remix Project from Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner


That's all I've found so far. If anyone else comes across other related releases/files, let me know. If anyone would like to add anything to this thread about other electronically treated piano recordings, feel free.


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    Thanks Germanprof. . .
    This is a great opportunity to post one of my all time favourite netlabel EP's

    Nest - Nest EP (Serein - March 22, 2007)
    Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein). The two started working together after forging a strong friendship as former members of the Miasmah label. This self-titled EP is their first work publicly released, so it is a great honour that we are able to offer it to you here.

    Both pianists, there is little wonder that after exploring a plethora of musical styles, the two find themselves most at home writing traditionally structured pieces, with the ivories a major element throughout. The EP demonstrates clearly the innate ability the two have for song writing, borrowing from the world of film soundtracks and contemporary classical composers to craft delicate instrumental compositions.

    Alongside their favoured instrument can be variously heard the plucked strings of the Welsh harp, violins, woodwind instruments, field recordings, percussion and a heady dose of mind wobbling effects. From the time Nest began writing together, one purpose was clear; to produce beautiful music free of pretense, and they do it exceptionally well.

    In january last year Serein switched from Netlabel to Label and the first release is an extended version on CD and download:
    Nest - Retold
    'Retold' is an apt title for this body of work, at times light and serene, other times dark, brooding and sinister - Nest are expert storytellers. Taking cues from film soundtracks and contemporary classical music, the story is woven using a myriad of instrumentation. Dulcet piano tones are backed by string and horn arrangements, unidentifiable plucked instruments and the sound of the Welsh harp; often heavily processed, Retold is an album that has as much in common with experimental electronic music as it does with modern classical composition.

    Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland and Huw Roberts. The first six tracks on this album were originally released in 2007 on the eponymously titled Nest EP; they are presented here again having been remastered alongside five new pieces composed in 2009. A revised edition of the track 'Cad Goddeu' was created especially for this release.
    Streaming & 1 free track @ Soundcloud
  • Occurs to me that this, while not as directly part of the post_piano project, should be mentioned here as being in the same vein by the same artists:


    May by Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner.
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