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Do you have a favorite online radio station that plays great music?

Living in the Denver area for 25+ years I discovered a public station (non-NPR) with lots of locally produced music shows. KGNU in Boulder, Co.
Airing everything from Classical to "Weird and obscure homemade music", plus the "Kabaret" show with live concerts from the studios, this is the most eclectic music station I've ever heard.
Working overnight at the time, Sleepless nights became a favorite show.

Over the years they have certainly exposed me to many artists that I might never have heard of otherwise.

look at the schedule for shows, times and days.
They even make recent past shows available for streaming, and the DJ's log every artist/song they play at the web site.

If you have a favorite maybe you could post it here.

{edit} There's also links for the bandwidth challenged. Hover over the 'listen to us" link on the left here and choose.


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    One of my favourites is 6 Music in the UK at . Emphasis on indie/alternative, what I'd call grown-up pop/rock. No adverts!
  • When I'm in the car I listen to The Current from Minnesota Public Radio (so no commercials). The playlist can get a little repetitive from time to time (seriously quit with the Mumford & Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros already!), but it's the only radio station I hear that occasionally introduces me to a new band and when I got in the car this morning they were playing Kraftwerk so it's all good.

  • KEXP

    A couple years ago they hooked up with NPR in New York so that we get morning shows form both coasts over here. Along with the typical indie rock playlists, they're also responsible for my introduction to the Soundway compilations as they regularly feature "world" music to tie-in with their world music show MoGlo.
  • Thom, you reminded me of KBOO just down the road a piece from Seattle. Used to be a good station when I was in the Portland area - probably still is.
  • I still like Soma's stations that are available in iTunes and elsewhere, especially the Drone Zone.

    My favorite station over the air is WREK, here in Atlanta, broadcasting from my alma mater, Georgia Tech. Their website,, has a ton of functionality, including a running 7-day playlist and archive. Their slogan is "Music you don't hear on the radio!". Check the schedule, and you'll find something you like, cuz they play it all. Mornings they play classical and contemporary music, then a huge block of jazz. One of my favorite programs isn't music, but is a science talk show at lunch time called "Inside the Black Box". Wednesday nights are also fun, with the noise and experimental electronic. And late every night they play great ambient music.
  • I like some of the shows on East Village Radio. I tend more to listen to the archives, since I can't usually listen when they're live.
  • WDCB for jazz all day, other shtuff at night.

    KDHX St. Louis for an eclectic mix, including my friend Keith's Saturday morning bluegrass show.
  • If anyone is interested at about 8:15 central tonight you can watch The Current's 6th Birthday Party at the link I posted above. I'll be at the concert and it should be a great one: Trampled By Turtles, Roma Di Luna, Jeremy Messersmith, Brother Ali, and Free Energy. Was supposed to be Cloud Cult rather than TBT and Atmosphere rather than Brother Ali, which would have been even better, but what can you do?

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    WYCE is an independent, community radio station serving the communities of Grand Rapids and West Michigan with its on-air FM programming at 88.1 Mhz, and reaching out to the world through online streaming on the Internet.

    Nice eclectic mix of rock, blues, jazz, world, folk, varies a bit with time of day/week, listener-supported, steers towards less mainstream stuff and airs local and small independent releases. Our favorite radio station in the car.
  • My radio programs for the Concertzender: Electronic Frequencies

  • Groove Salad on Soma FM is good but also agree with Greg that BBC 6 Music is great although BBC Radio 2 has some good specialist folk programmes and some great documentaries
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