Ambient fans, check this out (Jurassic Park theme slowed Way TF down)


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    There's a bit of a trend of these going on right now - this one went viral recently. Actually sounds quite nice, despite its alleged origin. Has been removed from soundcloud though.
  • This really is not ambient, but this video using Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" is actually quite remarkable. The song starts out at normal speed, but quickly morphs into something very different. Visuals are surprisingly effective, too.

    The most extreme example of this I've seen is from a few years ago - 9 Beet Stretch, which is Beethoven's 9th symphony stretched out over 24 hours! I had it all on mp3 a while back, but obviously never made it all the way through. At that speed it's almost inert.
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    Re: Jurassic Park theme slowed Way TF down:
    - This is a fantastic piece of (re)work, Thanks !

    @ mdc:
    - The Kelly Clarkson video is great and reminded me of the famous Celine Dion / Sigur Ros mashup:
    CigarRos Vs SealionDion "Bium Bium Bambalo'"
  • Last year, an NPR All Songs Considered podcast brought Indignant Senility Plays Wagner to my attention. He slows Wagner down with interesting results.
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    Have you ever given a listen to 9 Beet Stretch? It's Beethoven's 9th stretched over 24 hours without pitch distortions. You can stream it here. Fascinating work.
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