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Greg's comments yesterday about early Clapton got me to thinking I'd like to hear George Harrison/Eric Clapton's live version from this album of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on my way to work this morning. It was very enjoyable:

Amazon link

Another very old, but still very good example of just plain and purely unadulterated rock is Clapton's 1969 live performance in Toronto with John Lennon on this one -
31sCvsu0aPL._SL500_AA300_.jpgLive Peace in Toronto by John Lennon
Amazon link

The last 2 tracks consisted of Side B (awful stuff by Yoko), but Side A was great - particularly "Money" and "Yer Blues."

And what better album to follow up some Clapton, than with this CD that absolutely smokin' rocks with some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard (IMO):
51EzP6vqJTL._SL500_AA300_.jpgMock Tudor by Richard Thompson
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I realize Richard Thompson is an acquired taste for many, but I would think his talent as a genius guitar player could hardly be argued. "Mock Tudor," his last album for Columbia, is full of incredible guitar riffs (the track "Hard on Me" being probably the front runner here, but the whole album is full of them. Probably my favorite track of all on this album is "That's All, Amen, and Close the Door."

I thought I'd check to see if Mock Tudor was available on emusic, and it's not - but lo and behold, THIS one is!

300x300.jpgSemi-Detached Mock Tudor by Richard Thompson Band
emusic link

This live recording includes 8 tracks from the studio album "Mock Tudor," including a 12-minute long version of "Hard on Me." I have never heard Richard Thompson live, but have seen plenty of comments by those who say Thompson really lets loose with his guitar in his concerts. Now what I would like to know is - WHY didn't I notice that emusic had this CD before I cancelled my subscription?? Well, I spent $1 more and downloaded it elsewhere - well worth it!

I also see (belatedly) that emusic has this 2010 album:
300x300.jpgDream Attic by Richard Thompson

This album was featured on NPR's 'All Things Considered' and you can hear a song from it in its entirety (the song is called "If Love Whispers Your Name" - it's about 8 minutes long, and about 4 1/2 minutes into the song, there is a VERY nice guitar solo.) Scroll down NPR's page at this link to the very last featured album - NPR link

And, adding insult to injury, I see emusic ALSO has Teddy Thompson's albums which I would like to have someday. (Teddy is Richard & Linda's son) - see here.


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    Richard Thompson live is an experience not to be missed. I see him on average probably every couple of years. He seems to hit the DC area on every US tour, but he doesn't always tour with a full band, and I've seen his solo acoustic shows enough to skip a few. Nonetheless, I've never walked out of one of his shows thinking I should have stayed home. The live album "More Guitar" gives a pretty good idea of how he cuts loose with a band. Highly, highly recommended. Amazon link here. Also on eMusic.
  • Thanx for the live RT tips...will grab one of them soon!
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    @Muggsy - thanks for pointing out the live "More Guitar." This one sounds very good. I didn't know about it. And - I didn't know Clive Gregson played in Richard Thompson's band (per an Amazon reviewer's comment). Somebody recommended him on emusic a few years ago - Mommio maybe?

    Another album that I think rocks in a unique way and ranks at the top of all my CDs is Matthew Ryan's debut:

    51763Q0EXSL._SL500_AA300_.jpgMay Day by Matthew Ryan
    Amazon link

    I picked this one up from a bargain table of used CDs and it is one of my best finds. It is refreshing, different, raw and rocking. I like Matthew Ryan's later albums well enough, but I am still waiting for him to make one that equals this debut. This one is truly fresh, different, genuine and it rocks. His later stuff is more 'polished' - making them all inferior to this masterpiece (IMO). When Universal came to emusic, I was surprised not to see this one. You can download MP3's of May Day on Amazon and ITunes - why not emusic? Not that I would want to download this one from them due to the sound quality question, but it still bugs me that emusic always seems to have some albums by labels, but not THE one you want.
  • Kez:
    Thanks for the Matthew Ryan rec, I was looking for something to use my free d/ls from Guvera for May and there it was. Just listened to it once so far but I like it.
  • Wow - Guvera had that?? Guess I need to check that site out.
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