Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

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When I first heard Tyler, The Creator I wasn't a big fan. Then I heard Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean, and I became a huge fan of the whole crew (I know amclark2 agrees). Anyway, they are about to take down their mixtapes because they're hitting the big time, but self-titled mag grabbed them all and put them on soundcloud.

So if you want them, and you should, they are here.



  • Thanks Craig! There's still a bunch I don't have yet - slow servers can make them hard to get.
  • Stupid question from the audience...Is it the case that these can be DL'd only one track at a time? Seems to be...
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    I found out that you can download the full albums in a single zip via the original location: link

    All but two were available to download. I didn't find that the download speeds were too bad (and much easier than downloading single tracks via the alternate locations).
  • Great, thanks! One track DL I tried took literally an hour.
  • Doofy - Really? That's crazy. Track by track I can get the full albums in less than 5 minutes. Guess my connection is better than I realized.

    amclark2 - No problem!

  • Earl has been found!

    Apparently he does not need to be freed.

  • I've only seen maybe 2 videos with Odd Future material in them and both probably got turned off less than halfway through. Sara Quinn (of Tegan and Sara) posted some interesting commentary on them.

    Tyler's response was far less thought-provoking and a quick examination of his Twitter stream pretty much guaranteed I won't be investigating those guys any further.
  • It's just shock for shock's sake. No different than the first wave of punk.

  • No different from the first wave of punk, but a lot different than the first wave of hip-hop, or pretty much all hip-hop since, which is pretty much uniformly homophobic and misogynistic, even among the indies and so-called positives, the difference being that I bet none of these kids are actually out there playing with guns and gangs and dealing drugs and pimping, and going to end up getting shot and glorified for it.

    Political correctness is officially dead, but these kids, by going over the top, could actually do something to bring it back. Maybe that's the point, maybe it's not. Nobody thinks that could be the point because they are all so young, and I think that the fact that nobody credits 19 years olds with any significant intelligence could be part of the point too.

    Would Sara Quinn get as much mileage out of fighting with 50 cent? Intentionally or not, these kids make realistic criticism possible. I personally think the over the top lyrics are an intentional critique against the some of the natural ingrained nature of hip-hop and hip-hop culture, but if they tipped their hand to this, the whole thing would be pointless.
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