Amogh Symphony -The Quantum Hack Code

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- Kindly recommended by Dr. Mutex @ the Listening 3 thread, and recently added to Emusic:

Amogh Symphony - The Quantum Hack Code
"The band is comprised of producer/mastermind Vishal J.Singh from Mumbai India on Guitars, Bass, Electro Percussion Programming, Synth, SFX and Foley, Mixing. Joining him is Jim Richman from Virginia on Live Acoustic Drums, Metal Percussion SFX. Additionally, Chela Harper provides narration thru out the disc.
TQHC was recorded at Studio C 101 in Mumbai and drum tracks at Jim's Drum Shack in Virginia.
It was composed, arranged and mixed by Vishal J.Singh. Mastering was done by Aditya M. Naik at H.E.A.T. Studio, Mumbai India."
- Links and full stream @ Bandcamp

- My 2 cents: A band literally bursting with great ideas. A bit "rough in the edges" but this is well compensated by passion, talent and the sheer joy of playing music.
- Makes my inner 1963_headbanger_playing_an_electric_guitar.gif go amogh !
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