Bas van Huizen and the Etherkreet Label

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- I've wanted to do this for a very long time and here it is:

Bas van Huizen is a sound and visual artist (video/animation) from Nijmegen the Netherlands. Together with Ezra Jacobs he runs Etherkreet records. A label focusing on electroacoustic and improvised music.
- Resting Bell - -


- And this stunning new release from Bas was the one that got me going:

- (released 09 June 2011)
"In Bekoordrift (19:28) I explored a more gradual and fluid structure resulting in a lengthy and quite overwhelming piece.
It comes with hi-res artwork based on my twin brother's photography."

- Bas van Huizen.


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    - Excellent "new" stuff from Bas @ his Bandcamp page:


    - "Two live performances at an art exhibition in Tokyo.
    Helheelstermerg (23/12/2009)
    Hemeltergershel (25/12/2009)"
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    Great news from Bas:


    - Processed piano explorations of the finest quality . . .
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    Not exactly new but brilliant stuff from Bas @ his Bandcamp page:

    released 25 July 2012

    - "These tracks used to be available as free downloads on the old Etherkreet site.
    Different versions of Trappen and Hermengselpech were previously released on a Lomechanik Compilation."
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    Released December 29, 2015:
    As a part of CD-R Day today we release the new album by Bas van Huizen: Kluwekracht. This is his first album for Moving Furniture Records.

    Bas van Huizen is a Dutch artist based in Xi’an, China.
    He mainly uses guitar, voice, found objects and computer to record work that ranges from beat based electronic music under the moniker Basi Goreng to more abstract works under his own name. In 2013 he added another pseudonym to his discography with an experimental noise album by Shoganai.
    In addition to music and sound art Bas van Huizen is also active as a video artist creating animation, music videos, live visuals, and video installations.
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    released April 2, 2020

    - Not bad, not bad at all . . . ;)
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