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Mixtape.me looks interesting!
Haven't had time to investigate much yet, but it could be the new muxtape I've been hoping for.
As you can embed links to mixes, it might even be a substitute for the old mixtaper stuff :-)


  • o baby - this will be beneficial. can we get the folks on the standards committee to set aside a mixtape announcement sticky thread and some type of common tool for mix art + playlist?
  • DId either of you have trouble opening the website? Every time I click the link it stalls my browser. I'm guessing it is because my work browser is out of date, but thought I'd check.

  • 8tracks is another cool social mixtape site.
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    Just stumbled across this site today...


    ...might be useful for making mix artwork for those who don't have access to Photoshop and the like.

    Thread stickied and category made.
  • Can you scrobble mixtape.com plays? Scrobbling is a big bonus with 8tracks.

    I'd LOVE to know about sites/software that help the graphics-program-challenged like myself to make decent artwork. I'll check out aviary.
  • + 1 to 8tracks. I use it a lot and really love it. There are restrictions because they are trying very hard to comply with laws as ann internet radio outfit but I not onerous.
  • i'm having fun sampling mixes at 8track...i'll see if i can come up with one or two that deserve mention. stay tuned.
  • These are my mixes. 90% of the tracks come from eMusic so it doubles as one big Simon Sez entry really. ;-)
  • Just posted my first 8track, elwoodicious' Twist and Dip Soul Mix August 2009, along with an accompanying blog entry. ;-)

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    numba one in funk soul tagethaness! that mix is and will always is!!!

    trippy blonde redhead pix as well!

  • hey james - i dl'd this trippy set and came back to see you had snarfed it as well...

    careful, you're accidentally building 68streetcred.
  • I must say thanks to elwoodicious and NankerP in particular for pointing me to 8tracks. I now have a couple of classical mixes up.
  • Thought I share a my latest mixtape from my infrequent output. 14 tracks, 1 hour, covers the globe, and straddles the decades.
  • Just got sent a link to this:
    Do you remember mix tapes? The owners of Mississippi Records—a vinyl-and-cassette-only record store located on North Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon—most certainly do: They’ve put together the best mixes we’ve never seen (because you can get them only by visiting the store in person). But a Bay Area record label called Root Strata has digitized dozens of these tapes and distributed them (as free downloads) online. The series starts off with House of Broken Hearts—an hour-long collection of “Early R&B, Doo Wop, Rockabilly & Instrumentals”—and only gets better.

    Other tapes are devoted to early soul music, ’60s rock, funk and hip-hop, various kinds of world music, politically minded jazz, ska and rocksteady, postwar gospel, Quebecois psych-rock, and all sorts of old-timey music (which is Mississippi Records’ sweet spot).

    Link here.
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    I wonder, with one post in the last 9 months, does this thread still need to be sticky? (Especially as it's also a category)
  • I've unsticked it and added a link to it in the Guide.
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