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Several of us subscribe to streaming services, so are equipped to help in comparing catalogs. Anyone interested? I can access Spotify, Rdio, and Napster. I'm not sure how easy it is for non-subscribers to reliably tell what's streamable in a service. It seems like the best unit for comparison would be label (rather than artist - too broad - or album - too fine).

I created a publicly editable spreadsheet at google docs:

Everyone should theoretically have access to that, although I've recently discovered that google docs has some bugs regarding not-logged-in access to shared documents.

Any label comparisons one wants to add are fine. I think the majors, the major indies, and prominent indie jazz labels interest me the most atm. I don't know if we want to keep the choice binary (Yes|No, or X|blank), or if we want to note partial label catalogs.


  • It let me add something to it.
  • Ditto. :) Will go through later and add some of the jazz and other labels I have listened to on Spotify. Disappointed to learn they don't have Concord, for example. I haven't used any of the other services.
  • Oh I'm sorry, I didn't grasp your earlier message. I put a star icon instead of an X. It's cuter & more girly, you see.
  • This isn't quite the same thing as what kargatron is attempting, but gives a quick overview of some of the services. I've used Grooveshark, Spotify and Rhapsody (once upon a time). I'll try to do my part.
  • Neat! I'll get cracking...
  • mdcmdc
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    I added a bunch of labels, mostly independent jazz. Rdio isn't looking so hot, actually. Spotify has Rune Grammofon! But they don't have Sunnyside.
  • I added Blue Note on the basis that I played an album from that label. Not sure if their entire catalog is there, though.
  • I didn't go through the entire catalogs, either. I just sampled a few albums to make sure.
  • I found some cases where Grooveshark did not have recent releases from a label but did have older stuff. I interpreted that as being slow and as indicating that it did have the label.
  • Aaagh! Spotify has Dischord...
  • Yes they do. Already been enjoying some Minor Threat!

  • After using Grooveshark for a while, I've forgotten it, too, but it looks like some people have it very much on their minds.

    Sony and Warner Are Said to Sue Web Music Service
  • Sony’s Streaming Discount: Music Unlimited, Sony’s competitor to subscription streaming services like Spotify and Rhapsody, has announced a big discount. Its regular price is the industry standard $10 a month, but starting Tuesday it is selling access to its millions of songs for $60 a year; for subscribers to PlayStation Plus, its gaming service, the fee is $12 a year.

    Introduced two years ago under the name Qriocity, Music Unlimited has struggled for attention in the marketplace. In January, a Sony executive said it had one million subscribers; over the summer Spotify said it has more than 15 million total users, four million of whom are paying subscribers.
  • i must admit the only streaming service I ever use is Spotify. It has been going here for quite a few years now and nothing else available here really matches up to it.
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