will trade book for ...

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hi. i'm clearing out some things and wanted to recycle a few. here's a starter:
"kind of blue: the making of the miles davis masterpiece" by ashley kahn, foreward by jimmy cobb.

i'll send this media rate to you.

in trade you can come up with whatever you want...a pair of dirty underwear, a set of magnets, mebbe something cool. all the same its up to you.

o. this is a 68initiative. back in the day, folks would send neat things and from time to time i'd send neat things. those days seem too few.


  • What the heck. I'm game.

  • okee dokee. send me your address again and i'll get it in the mail.

    ugh. one caveat: that jesse crain baseball card collection...its best if you kept it.
  • Darn right I'm keeping it.

    Now I just need to come up with something neat to send in return. Hmmm....

  • ...a pair of dirty underwear, a set of magnets, mebbe something cool

    OMG. You crack me up.
  • Book got here Tuesday, and return goes out in tomorrow's mail.

    It is not dirty underwear or magnets.

    Something cool? Possibly.

  • yippee! can't wait!
  • I'm guessing puppy.
  • My puppy is still on the couch with me, so it's not a puppy!

    Also not my son.

    May or may not be my wife. I'm not going to commit on that one.

  • package arrived + i'm thinking "mexican jumping beans or his wife."

    i definitely see the allure...anything hyped with "once you've tried it you'll never go back" is like <chose your favorite emuser> in a wet t-shirt contest.



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