Vieux Farka Tour

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I just got home from seeing something a little magical, something deserving a little wonder. The college where I teach has an office that organizes concerts for students and the wider community, and it tries to use them to educate musically. The new academic year starts tomorrow, and this year kicked off with a free concert by Vieux Farka Tour


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    That sounds great GP - wish I could have been there! I saw him play in London a couple of years ago at a concert hall , along with several other West African musicians on the bill. His guitar playing was one of the highlights of the evening - I'm convinced that if he (and his late father too) had been born in the UK or USA he'd be far better known.

    All of his releases are available on emusic (at least in the UK). My favourites are

    which is accoustic with backing on kora by Toumani Diabate on Paradise

    Live and electric with a backing band, showing his skills as a rock/blues artist

    is his most recent album mixing together West African Desert Blues with Western rock/blues - a superb album in my view with The Secret, a duet with his late father Ali Farka Toure, being the highlight for me
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