Which Album Is the Crotch of U2?

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According to Joe, editorializing on the Achtung Baby reboot over at eMu:
If Joshua Tree was the soul, then this is the crotch

I'm don't have the U2 knowledge to comment further on this, but I suppose "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" would be like the left elbow.


  • Pop! is the suspicious mole below the right shoulder?
  • No Line on the Horizon is the tapeworm U2 mistakenly ingested from some poorly cooked haggis.

    I agree with Joe on Achtung Baby. It's in consideration for my favorite U2 album.

    War is the lungs.

  • Rattle and Hum is the uvula.

    (And, as an aside, I did a quick search on uvula for correct spelling and found out some people actually pierce theirs. From Wikipedia: "Massaging the uvula causes the gag reflex to initiate and expel stomach contents. This is often an issue for people who plan to get uvula piercings." Often an issue - you think?)
  • I don't have any idea what to say to that. What exactly is the benefit of a pierced uvula? It can neither be seen nor used in....um....relationship matters.

    I'm utterly perplexed.

  • Following on from Craig's comment, I will leave it to your imagination as to the body part for The Unforgetable Fire!!
  • Boy is the adolescent attempt at a moustache.

    (I'm always intrigued by the various retrospective comments one finds in U2 reviews. For instance, I've read a few times that Joshua Tree was epochal and Rattle and Hum was a disappointment - my ears hear that the other way around; not that into Joshua Tree, but Rattle and Hum was what got me interested.)
  • I just feel like this thread needs some input from somebody with one of these:

  • Interesting GP, for me it was the other way around. I saw them, on TV, at Live Aid and then bought Unforgetable Fire, but my favourite U2 album of the late 80s was certainly Joshua Tree. I also bought Rattle and Hum but that was the last U2 LP I bought, until I got one of their greatest hits CDs as a present some years later.
  • According to Discographies on Twitter, U2's discography goes like this, noting that Achtung Baby was studio album #7 (or album #8 if you include Under a Blood Red Sky):

    U2: 1-2 "Nice guy..."; 3-6 "...but what a windbag!"; 7-8 "He babbled about art..."; 9 "...danced badly..."; 10-12 "...and repeated himself."

    ...which seems fairly accurate to me. For the record, The Joshua Tree (#5) was the album that convinced me to stop buying all the U2 albums that came after it.
  • I'm an unapologetic U2 fan. I even like How to Dismantle..., but Discographies on Twitter nailed it. Like they usually do.

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