somebody deconstruct lana del rey for me

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well, i've been hearing gobs (well, 3) of her songs on xm satellite for a long time. apparently her modus operandi is to build hype by tossing out one song at a i see the rekkid is finally out on digital dl.

i've overheard the three trax so i'm saturated...but it is very good for those of you who don't do the xm thing.

oddly, the xm host was torn between liking her alot and annoyed with her distribution. i know nothing beyond these statements.



    That will give you some idea; it seems to be Lana Del Rey ground zero. But be prepared to lose some brain cells hanging around there.

    Also the tiny mix tapes review is not to be missed:

    Basically my take is that she's impossible to reconstruct; if you take away the scaffolding, there's nothing left. Love that video games song though.
  • She is an Internet pop thing I never heard of until 2 days ago.
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    @amclark2, when I followed your link and a few associated rabbit trails, SNL videos, reviews, etc. the other day, which was the first I'd heard of her, what I was left with was the sincere hope for her sake that the personal spiritual vacuum that she projects is part of the act.
  • Oh, and the day after I heard of her I saw that some people were telling other people they should leave her alone.
  • As I said on another thread I like Video Games. It was a free download for a day on itunes over Christmas. I liked it and then bought a couple of different takes from emusic, as I had a couple of downloads left to be used up quickly. (Interestingly these have now gone from emusic in the UK) I've been wondering whether to buy the album from Amazon as it is one of their deals of the week, but I wasn't that keen on some of the tracks when streaming the samples, so I didn't get it. I'll probably listen to it on Spotify before finally deciding, but at the moment purchase looks less likely than likely, particulalry as I want to get a jazz box set of CDs from the same source.
  • Wow, the tiny mix tape review as a concordance/index with some english teacher annoyance at too many pronoun references is hilarious. Snarky! Thanks Amclark2!
  • I watched that video of her on Letterman and the most charitable thing I can say is that she has yet to go out and live a little, a la Etta James. This is what Rebecca Black would be like if she tried to revamp her image to appear sensitive and thoughtful. String quartet, a little smoke billowing behind her, etc. I bet that pianist almost fell asleep on the stage playing those same trite chords over and over and over again.
  • I like the vibe she's going for, but don't think it really works. Probably because it's too forced. Unfortunately she has set herself up with the wrath of a scorned Interwebs. How dare you misuse our precious hype machine?!?! And now she will never get a fair shake even if she manages to improve her craft.

    The album should have been largely overlooked, but since too much press was spent on the lead up, now way too much press must be spent on the fall from grace.
  • Yikes. One minute of the Letterman take was enough for me. I think you're right Thom, too forced and denver too, it does sound like she is signing about things not of her own experience.
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