July Downloads

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I'm gathering this info from all of the sites I'm using just to be a pain in the ass. Join in the fun if you like:

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (30th Anniversary Edition)
I love it when classic rock albums I never picked up before end up as deals over there.
The Bird And The Bee - Please Clap Your Hands
Only listened to it once. Not as good as the debut.
Angus & Julia Stone - A Book Like This
Sweet, sweet music. The kind that makes you stop and close your eyes... (also available over yonder)

I'm only listing those I spent real money on or have already determined are worthwhile (too many unheard freebies)
Billy Harper Quintet - Love on the Sudan
Billy Harper - Black Capra
Billy Harper - Soarn Bushi, B.H.
- I become a bigger Billy Harper fan every time I find more of his music. I just love that sax. Since they went 12 credit over yonder, I finally added money to my Amie Street account.
L'ombre - letting go at the steering wheel
- A freebie, but so far the atmospheric qualities are brilliant.

A lot more than usual this month since I didn't use many in June.
Paul Motian - The Story of Maryam
- The last of my saved BS/SN that didn't skyrocket to 12 nps. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Needs further listening.
Spoon - Got Nuffin (EP)
- I will never understand why I don't listen to Spoon more. I love pretty much everything they put out. Great rock. At least get the first track.
Beck - One Foot in the Grave (Deluxe Reissue)
- Already own this classic, but once album pricing kicked in there was no reason not to get the whole thing just for the bonus tracks. And it's really worth it.
Blockhead - Music by Cavelight
God Help The Girl - S/T
- This is more than simple another B&S album. It's great 70s pop music.
V/A - Panama! Latin, Calypso And Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75
V/A - Panama!2 Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk On the Isthmus 1967-77
- Debated about these, but album-pricing finally convinced me. They really are as worthwhile as the Nigerian comps.
A Broken Consort - Box of Birch
James Blackshaw - O True Believers
James Blackshaw - The Cloud of Unknowing
James Blackshaw - Sunshrine
James Blackshaw - Celeste
url=http://www.emusic.com/album/James-Blackshaw-Litany-of-Echoes-MP3-Download/11227782.html]James Blackshaw - Litany of Echoes[/url]
- I went wild with the long acoustic guitar numbers. James Blackshaw has been on my "to check out" list for some time, and fear of ridiculous credit increases made him artist of the month for me. So far I'm not disappointed.
Delorean - Transatlantic KK
- I think these guys are the definition of "guilty pleasure".
Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Complete Upsetter Singles (disk 2)
- Already got the first disc. Album-pricing made the second disc more worthwhile.
We Were Promised Jetpacks - S/T
- I rec'd this to many people before I even got it. Awesome!
Bill Laswell - Lo-def Pressure
Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat - Through the Stargate
Fernhill - Whilia
The Advisory Circle - Other Channels
Andrew Bird - Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs
Barry Louis Polisar - My Brother Thinks He's a Banana and Other Provocative Songs
V/A - The Philly Sound Get Down
John Coltrane - Coltrane [RVG Remaster]
The Sabres of Paradise - Sabresonic

The Dead Weather - Horehound
- I enjoy Jack White, as long as he's not playing with that crappy drummer chick.

Christian McBride - Live at Tonic
- Held off on this one because of a review I read. That was stupid. Awesome live set.
Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell The blahblahblah
Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
- I really like their music, but never got around to getting more until now.
Konono No. 1 - Congotronics
- Cool afro-beat/world fusion/whatever you want to call it.
Matt & Kim - Grand + Free EP
- They're fun. That's all that I can really say.

Alright, I'm going to edit this more later and add in links and more review. Calls of shill or whore will be appreciated.


  • SHILL!

    That said, here is me:

    The Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime (Been on my list of needs forever, and with album pricing I jumped)
    Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (See Double Nickels)
    New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (I'd never really taken the time to listen to them until recently. Now I'm trying to catch up on their catalogue.)
    Sonic Youth - The Eternal (Finally popped up on eMusic, so I finally got it.

    Amie Street (I'll use the same standards as you)
    Discovery - LP (I like the first half, but the second half is not good, not good at all.)
    Golden Slivers - True Romance (LOVING this album. I highly recommend that everyone check it out.)
    Cass McCombs - Catacombs (Worth a lot more than the $1.54 I paid.)
    The Minus 5 - Killingsworth (Lucky enough to snag it for free, Peter Buck and most of The Decemberists perform on the album.)
    Young Fresh Fellows - I Think This Is (Again, lucky enough to snag it for free, my wife really likes this one.)
    Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Shocked this showed up on Amie, it was a no brainer for $4.11.)
    Trampled By Turtles - Duluth (Alt-Bluegrass from a Minnesota band, very enjoyable.)

    The Dead Weather - Horehound (I'm actually a bit disappointed with this one. It's good, but not as good as some are claiming.)

    Purchased CD
    Buke and Gass - +/- (Fantastic, highly recommended.)

    No Amazon this month.

    I've also added a bunch of jazz, classical, and '80s stuff I was missing from Amie or the library.

  • Just a warning, I absolutely love Twin Cinema, but have never been able to get into any of their other albums.

    I'll definitely check out the Cass McCombs and the Trampled by Turtles sounds interesting.
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    Actually it was getting Challenger a few months back that convinced me I need to get more of their stuff, and I can't decide if I like Twin Cinema or Challenger more.

    Cass McCombs is just good chill music. I seem to remember it getting mentioned on 17dots for an n/a post recently and one of the writers there worships him.

    I grabbed the last Bird and the Bee album (Ray Guns...) a few months ago. It also is disappointing compared to their first.

    What are your thoughts on Delorean? That album is getting raves, but I'm not sure it's really my thing as I tend to lean more towards the guitar end of rock/pop rather than the synth end.

  • Delorean is like a trashy version of Cut Copy or Friendly Fires. If you got "As Time Breaks Off" when it was a freebie, you could probably put it on repeat for 50 minutes and get the same effect as listening to the whole album. And yet I still love it. But I'm an unabashed new waver with a soft spot for jangly guitars and echoy synths.
  • i can't say anything about my dl's until craig gets his mix. once he gets his mix he then needs to invite froggie + amclark out for drinks - preferably at a place where you can influence the bar to play the mix. in chicago, there is such a place and lulu is the bartender.

    all you meanee-soda's have anything to say about duluth?
  • @thom, I've been obsessing over Blackshaw for the last year or so, fantastic stuff.
  • amclark is a Minnesotan too? We're everywhere.

    You do realize that I'd have had no idea that the mix was stuff you downloaded this month if you hadn't told me, right? I'm not psychic. We'll, I'm not *that* psychic. Be careful on your drive home, by the by.

    Duluth. It's a great town. Beautiful view of Lake Superior, the park on the lake is really nice, good hockey players up there, driving up 35 from it is gorgeous and takes you by Split Rock Lighthouse and Grand Marais where you can stop for a pie at Sven & Ole's Pizza, lots of big boats to watch in the water. Good times, but I don't think I could live there. Too small for me.

  • Live from Nowhere by Over the Rhine
    Aboa Sleeping by Burning Hearts
    Begone Dull Care by Junior Boys
    Summer In Abaddon by Pinback

    And of bunch of singles. I still can't bring myself to DL something that has more nps than tracks.
  • @elwoodicious - Definitely the kind of music to drive obsession. I particularly love Litany of Echoes. Wish I had grabbed The Glass Bead Game before it more than doubled in price.

    @Katrina - Same here, that's why I hit up LimeWire for some of those albums. They have more tracks marked "Album-Only", but that doesn't change the number of nps.
  • From eMusic:
    Sonny Terry, Complete Vol 2 (1944-1949)
    New York Philharmonic, Mahler Sym 10
    London Symphony Orchestra, MacMillan, World's Ransom
    Battlefield Band, Best of ...
    Herb Robertson NY Downtown Allstars, Elaboration
    Jon Fahey, Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes
    Johann Johannson, IBM 1401 User's Manual
    Sonny Boy Williamson, Complete Vol 1
    Daniel Taylor, Couperin, Lecons de tenebres
    Ivo Perelman, Nowhere to hide

    From Amazon
    High Atmosphere (Virginia and Carolina Banjo Ballads)

    At Amie Street (purchases, not free)
    Paul Cram, Beyond Benghazi
    Experimental Audio Research, Phenomena 256
    Robert Erickson, Auroras
    David Marriott, Septology
    Merbow, Rainbow Electronics
    Phil Manzanera (tracks from Firebird)
    Billy Harper, Love on the Sudan
    Bergraven, Till Makabert Vasen
    Chris Stamey, VOTE
  • I focused on albums with few long tracks in case they later fall victim to album pricing.

    Acid Mothers Temple - Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!)
    - got tracks 2 & 3 from CD1 and track 3 from CD2
    Aka Moon - Aka Moon (thought it would be more interesting, but fairly pedestrian prog fusion)
    Bembeya Jazz National - Regard sur le Pass
  • hoosfoos - can you say more about roswell rudd - your selections edge up against mine - also ONJQ?
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    brittleblood, I'm going to be slightly lazy and point you to the Jazz Recommendation Thread where I found out about the Rudd, ONJQ and Don Cherry. jonahpwll has a good write-up of the Rudd there. Plus the AMG review on the album is good too. Even non-jazzbo's who like West African music will really enjoy the Rudd and should check it out. Reminds me of Hank Jones' Sarala and Ernest Ranglin's in similar successful combos.

    If you're familiar with Otomo Yoshihide and also his group Ground Zero, you know that he can pretty intense and experimental. Try Plays Standards for example. On ONJQ, he actually plays it fairly straight and reins in the experimental tendencies (not completely though).
  • A VERY good month for me!
    Including my first ventures into Amie Street.

    Quantic And His Combo Barbaro - Tradition In Transition (fabulous Latin album from one of those versatile buggers like Shawn Lee who seem capable of switching styles at will)
    Dusty Kid - America (nice subtle electronics)
    Various Morr Music - Not Given Lightly - A Tribute To the Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand`s Alternative Music Scene (I wasn't going to bother with this but once I'd started playing the samples the old Morr cravings kicked in and I HAD to get it :-) - wonderful!)
    God Help The Girl (disappointing so far)
    Spiro - Lightbox (excellent - saw it described somewhere as 'a folkier Penquin Cafe Orchestra' which ticks all the boxes for me)
    DJ Kompact - Return of July (terrific bit of breakbeat/downtempo instrumental stuff, plus it's got a topical title :-)
    Isis - Wavering Radiant (love the music, loathe the vocals, but I'm starting to notice them less)

    Amie Street:
    Wheat - White Ink, Black Ink (new Wheat album! I'd forgotten this was coming out so it's a nice surprise and sounds pretty good so far!)
    Pelican - March Into The Sea EP
    Pelican - The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (instrumental metal/post rock - a few years old now but a great sound)
    Filipsson & Lindblad - A Splendor In The Grass (Disco!)
    Desire - II (Italo Disco!)
    .tape. - Repainted (stupidly named band make good electronic album and then get loads of TOP people to remix it for them! Can't lose!)
    Two Syllable/True Panther CMJ Sampler - TWOTRUE Sampler (free and excellent - not a bad track on it)
    Seasick Steve - Dog House Music
    Seasick Steve - Cheap (picked these two up for free as well! Good solid blues from a bloke who's become a bit of a star here in the UK)

    Various Leaf - Don't Run Over The Birds Please (cheap sampler with some excellent new tracks. Notably for me - Efterklang, Murcof and Vlad Delay)
    Lindstrom - Leftovers EP (2 tracks of disco-y fabness from Mr Lindstrom's archives)
    The North Sea - Exquisite Idols (great instrumental music from a band I keep re-discovering every few months. Also on eMusic, but I was out of downloads and it was reduced at boomkat.)

    Martyn - Great Lengths (finally got around to this as it was going cheap, wish I'd bought it sooner!)
  • I haven't downloaded it yet, but I've stumbled onto what's going to be my next: the soundtrack to The Insider. It's mostly by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Pieter Bourke so it's steeped in a bit of dark and brooding atmosphere - no wait... make that more like marinated in it or basted - or better yet, just say it's positively soaking in atmosphere. OK ok - I confess... it's drowned in atmosphere... it's been grabbed by the scruff of it's neck and shoved deep down in it so far - down to where everything turns monochrome. Yes, it was horrible... it kicked around a bit at first but there it is. The deed is done. It's been drowned in it and cryin' ain't gonna bring it back so deal with it.

    But to help you cope there's also some very nice guest tracks from Jan Garbarek and Massive Attack! As well as some additional sonic brushwork from Graeme Revell, who is rumored to have done a soundtrack or two. It's also nicely capped at 12 blps - or whatever we're calling them these days - for 16 tracks. Plus the hella great cover art! I know what my next desktop wallpaper's gonna be now...
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    Ended up the last of my 90 eMu DLs with
    Double Nickels On The Dime, which I really don't know if I'll like, but I had heard it mentioned before and decided it would at least be in the spirit of the old eMu, getting unknown recs on a whim because they were affordable. And sticking it to eMu now that quite a few of my SFLs are now more nps than tracks and this one is the opposite of that. So yes, it swings both ways - I'd never gotten this before because it was too many nps.

    More Oar: A Tribute To The Skip Spence Album, which was a bit disappointing. I only liked about 3 tracks.

    From the local library,
    Magic Slim & The Teardrops -Midnight Blues
    Diana Krall -The Look of Love (that gal has some great gams on her, as well as talent; lovely photo of her on the cover)
    The Imus Ranch Record
    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend (why was my library missing Marley? This is a great album!)
    Lykke Li - Youth Novels (OK, probably wont 'listent to it much but I rated track #3 so it will come up in some itunes playlists)
    Pearl Jam - Vitalogy (2 songs were rated, OK, I guess)
    Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

    From another place,
    Mazzy Star - Among My Swan (listening now, love it... her 'So Tonight That I Might See' is in my top-rated 90s CDs)
    Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly
    The Lemonheads - Varshons
    Morcheeba - The Antidote
    Morcheeba - Big Calm
    Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague
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    thom, are you going to start an August thread?

    Actually my first post was solely emU, I didn't read your message clearly enough.
    I'm gathering this info from all of the sites I'm using just to be a pain in the ass. Join in the fun if you like:

    Dr. Mutex is onto something, old habits die hard...I left out the outher sources in my first post.
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    Blackshaw has been on my eMu SFL, but since the changeover, the one album I picked (The Glass Bead Game ) had more nps than tracks....it turned me off. Maybe my final DLs will go that way. What is your fave Blackshaw track?
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    From eMu :

    three volumes of the Podger/Cooper recordings of Mozart's Sonatas for piano & violin (excellent)***
    Treasures of Tudor England , by The Sixteen - more excellence***
    The Threepenny Opera by the Orchestra of Vienna Folk Opera**
    Handel's Solomon - Beecham with the Royal Philharmonic**
    finished downloading Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires**
    Giacinto Scelsi : Suite No 10 by Markus Hinterhauser (unable to dl track 5; eMu tells me there's nothing wrong at their end)
    Hinterhauser - triadic memories for solo piano (Morton Feldman)**
    James Blackshaw, The Glass Bead Game (not sure about this one, but I've only listened to it once)
    Caerwen Martin, The Traveller** (1 track, 12')
    Pade's Water Colours of Sea by Gert Sorensen (1 track, 29')** I've been listening to Pade quite a lot recently, after she was recommended on the eMu board (by whom? Nerrefid?)

    The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin*
    Tracy Grammer - Flower of Avalon**
    Mose Fanfan, Hello hello**
    Garlic Bread - O'Carolan's Dream*
    Fernhill - Whilia**
    Ashley Davis - Down by the Sea (I'm rather disappointed by this)
    Abdul L'Africain - Gnawa**
    Bill Laswell - Dub Chamber 3*
    Chi Bu-Lag - a couple of tracks from Wolf Belong to the Mongolian Pasture*
    Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (sorry folks, but so far this is doing nothing for me at all. I'll give it another try)
    Fairuz - The Baalback Folk Festival*** - this woman can sing.
    Cherry/Penderecki - Actions (only one rather distracted listen so far)
    Mamou Sidib
  • @Katrina, my favorite album is The Cloud of Unknowing and my favorite track off that album is Running To The Ghost. My preference, however, is more colored by context than anything as I played this album nearly every night that I bottled my daughter and many nights listened to the album again, long after she finished, and just cradled her rocking in time to the music. So that album is really wrapped up in profound memories for me. ;-)
  • I played this album nearly every night that I bottled my daughter

    Swoon. I didn't bottle my son, but I know what you mean. Will check it out, bondo bottle man.
    My son & I, we had classical music and the tit. I can't believe I wrote that. He is a very healthy boy.
  • The Cloud of Unknowing
  • lol - my wife felt a big let-down when our oldest stopped nursing at ten months - it was like he broke up with her.

    ...but little, she had to cut off at 14 months. srsly.
  • e (had some credit on a "rejoin and get 75 free" account I reactivated late June):

    Various Artists The Roots of the Cramps
    Lee Dorsey Freedom for the Funk
    Charlie Parker In Sweden 1950
    Cypress Hill Cypress Hill
    Various 60 Garage Rock Nuggets
    Various Panama!
    Various Panama!2
    Little Richard Get Down With It!: The OKeh Sessions
    Anthony Braxton Duets
    Max Roach M'boom
    The Great Jazz Trio Autumn Leaves
    Sonic Youth The Eternal
    Lonnie Liston Smith Explorations: The Columbia Recordings
    Stan Getz Captain Marvel
    Derrik Morgan Do the Beng Beng
    Bad Brains Rise
    J Dilla Jay Stay Paid
    Bennie Goodman Together Again!
    Dizzy Gillespie Four Classic Albums
    DJ Quik The Best of
    Sonny Rollins Sonny Meets Hawk!
    Ahmad Jamal The Legendary Okeh & Epic Recordings
    Boz Scaggs Hits!
    Barry Miles White Heat
    Bud Powell A Portrait of Thelonious
    Lonnie Liston Smith Visioins of a New World
    Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions
    Lonnie Liston Smith Cosmic Funk
    Ultimate Breaks & Beats Instrumentals V.2
    Yellow Shunshine S/T
    Tito Puente Dance Maina
    Elvin Jones Main Force
    James & Bobby Purify Shake a Tail Feather


    Billy Harper Capria Black
    Billy Harper Soran Bushi
    Billy Harper Love on the Sudan
    Dizzy Gillespie/Mittchel Ruff Duo S/t
    Afrique Soul Makosa
    Blue Mitchell Graffiti Blues
  • Charlie Robison -- Beautiful Day
    Slaid Cleaves -- Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
    Chuck Mead -- Journeyman's Wager
    Deer Tick -- War Elephant and Born on Flag Day
    Various -- Rural Blues Vol. 2
    Bessie Smith -- Greatest Hits
    Various -- Creole Kings of New Orleans
    Jesse Dayton -- Tall Texas Tales
    Little Esther Phillips -- Mistrustin & Decievin' 1949-1952
    Esquivel -- Esquivel Remixed

    In refresh tomorrow I am going to the Basic plan of 24 dl's, at least them I can try and get 2 longer albums for 12 each. Will be a big comedown after years of gorging ...
  • Thom: I love that Panama 2 disc, especially Dreams, by the Duncan Bros. Have you heard that one yet?

    Craig: Until recently, Twin Cinema was my favorite album of the decade. I've now played it so often that I'm burnt-out on the disc, but everything they've recorded is worthwhile-to-outstanding. I especially love the layered, cascading harmonies of The Bleeding Heart Show and the close-harmonies in the chorus of Sing Me Spanish Techno.

    I'm still on vacation, so it's hard for me to post a list of what I downloaded in July. But maybe I shouldn't, anyway -- it's mostly Sony stuff, and perhaps wouldn't be well-received. Still, I picked up lots of great titles (Jack Johnson; Time Out; Mingus Dynasty; Into The Gap; Miseducation of Lauryn Hill; among others).
  • High praise indeed, Daniel. I'm curious, what supplanted it as #1 of the decade?

    As for Sony stuff, we ALL have Sony stuff in our collection somewhere. Post it up when you are back in town.

  • @Daniel - I've played those discs several times each, but am terrible with naming the tracks. Popped that particular one on - that is one sexy groove!

    And please post your list. Nothing more than a light ribbing from us, honest! Just to be fair, I'll mention the 3 Sony tracks I actually have d/l'd but forgot to list:

    The Fifth Dimension - "Wedding Bell Blues" from The Age of Aquarius (why the hell do I love this song so much?)
    Modest Mouse - "You're The Good Things" from Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks (one of the first MM tracks I ever really got into)
    Chantal Kreviazuk - "Leaving on a Jet Plane" from The Armageddon Soundtrack (love her cover)

    @ Katrina - I'll start an August thread once I actually get some nps to spend!
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    High praise indeed, Daniel. I'm curious, what supplanted it as #1 of the decade?

    Hard question. As of right now, I'd say either Burial's Untrue (which is strange for me to say now, because summer is precisely the wrong season for dubstep) or The Knife's Silent Shout. But there are at least 20 discs that, on any given day, could be my No. 1:

    •Richard Hawley – Cole's Corner
    •Books – The Lemon of Pink
    •Calexico – Feast of Wire
    •Clientele – Suburban Light
    •Clinic – Internal Wrangler
    •Ellen Alien & Apparat – Orchestra Of Bubbles
    •Tinariwen – Aman Iman: Water Is Life
    •Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego – The Sinking Of The Titanic
    •GhostFace – FishScale
    •The Hold Steady – Boys & Girls In America
    •Iron & Wine – The Creek Drank The Cradle
    •Lewis Taylor – The Lost Album
    •Low – The Great Destroyer
    •M.I.A. – KALA
    •Wilco – Kicking Television
    •Radiohead – In Rainbows
    •The Raveonettes – Lust Lust Lust
    •Studio – West Coast
    •Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts Of The Great Highway
    •The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
    •William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops, Vol. I

    It's been a good decade for pop discs. It's been a good decade for pop singles, too, but that's a different topic -- involving more mainstream pop fare -- for a different day (or at least a different post).
    As for Sony stuff, we ALL have Sony stuff in our collection somewhere. Post it up when you are back in town.

    Just got home. I'll work on this later today.
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    From eMusic:

    Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime
    Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
    Elvis Presley - Sunrise
    Benny Goodman - 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Plus 1944-47 Small Group and Big Band Masterpieces
    Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream of Trains
    Nick Lowe - Jesus of Cool (Reissue)
    Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (single)
    Spoon - Got Nuffin
    Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick
    Delorean - Ayrton Senna

    From Amie Street:

    Fats Domino - Legends of Rock Series
    Gene Autry - The Best of Gene Autry
    Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate
    Carmen McRae - The Ultimate Carmen McRae
    Perez Prado - Mambo No. 5
    Robert Pete Williams - Graveyard Blues
    Altair Nouveau - Space Fortress
    Golden Silvers - True Romance
    Black Meteoric Star - Black Meteoric Star
    Lindstrøm - Plauge the Kid
    Champion Jack Dupree - Drunk Again
    Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes
    Django Reinhardt - The Jazz Age Volume 6
    Bix Beiderbecke - The Jazz Age Volume 5
    Jimmie Lunceford - The Swinging Sounds of Jimme Lunceford and His Big Band
    Django Reinhardt - Jazz Guitar Virtuoso
    Blind Lemon Jefferson - Black Snake Moan
    Dizzy Gillespie - All the Things You Are

    From Amazon:

    The Dodos - Time to Die
    Explosions in the Sky - How Strange, Innocence
    Duke Ellington - Best of Duke Ellington
    The Scorpions - Love at First Sting
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