Butterfly Wings (we built this garden for us)

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Well, I haven't been a very good contributor here in emuserland...I believe this is the first thread I've started and my 5th in total. All this copying, pasting, linking and typing just seems to take me forever. Mostly because I get sidetracked easily while listening to music as I'm doing that and find myself off exploring or just lost in the track. I don't see that will change that much in the future, but i'm going to give it a go. I didn't realize this new computer was almost 1.5 yeas old and I still hadn't gotten around to putting that lastfm on it. I also got around to sending for a new password so I could post here in the first place.

At any rate, I've recently started downloading music again after a self-imposed ban. I've signed up on emusic again to get some new tunes for this year's garden mix. If it's not too rude I'd like to make the same request here, as I'm missing many of my old emusic friends. Here goes:

I'd like to invite all my friends (good or bad) to suggest something you think might inspire the garden this year. First thanks go to my wife's friend who suggested "You Get What You Give" by the New Radicals as it's always inspired her. Next goes to 68 for suggesting Angele Dubeau & La Pieta, when he stopped by while visiting in fmland recently.
ps. she's my friend too.

Currently this year's mix now includes
David Crowell - Eucalyptus (all 4 tracks)
Sandro Marinoni - Borderline (Frost & Desert Rose)
Sandro Marinoni & Stefano Roncarolo - Air (all nine tracks)
Washboard Sam - Washboard Sam Vol. 4 1939-1940 (Diggin' My Potatoes)
Lonnie Donegan - Steel Drivin Skiffle (Diggin' My Potatoes)
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - Alone & Acoustic (Diggin' My Potatoes)

Here's a kink to that thread if you'd like.

Finally, as I've been embracing the random more and more, this years mix will be set on shuffle to set up wider vibration patterns.



  • Here are my suggestions for this season's Garden Mix (in no particular order):

    Garden Gate (live) - The Black Crowes (a roots homage to the garden)
    Who Fears The Garden, Fears Life - Cerys Matthews (...love her voice, no matter what she sings)
    Meet Me In The Garden - Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (this is how to coax a garden to fruition)
    Garden In The Rain - Diana Krall (sweet voice with sweet sentiments)
    Garden Isle - Dr. Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem (as beautiful as the flowers growing)
    Garden Of Man - Grace Slick (this woman could sing a phonebook)
    Dream Garden - Herbie Mann (Mr. Mann does this so well...coaxing the BIG grow!)
    Garden Party - John Fogerty (a nice retread...)
    In The Garden - John Prine & Mac Wiseman (...and to each listen shall come some most excellent music.)
    I Built This Garden For Us - Lenny Kravitz (so he says...)
    Royal Garden Blues - Lester Lanin (...I should have lived long ago)

    Haven't kept plugged into the last couple of seasons of your Garden Mix series as I left eMusic awhile back...couldn't stand the lack of focus on customer satisfaction and the bumbling, stumbling lack of usability. Oh, well! Please forgive any repeats/retreads...

    Happy gardening, Eireboy
  • I'm not a gardener myself, but I enjoy looking at other's gardens. You should definitely include my favorite: "Hang on Little Tomato" in your garden salad mix, perhaps something from Ultimate Spinach (Sacrifice of the Moon?), also a little Captain Beefheart in the form of "A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond" for some more color. Don't forget some Green Onions by Booker T. for a little zing. Top off with "This Time" from the album Extra Virgin by Olive and serve with some chilled Pinot Grigio while listening to White Wine Jazz by a group recording as White Wine. Enjoy.
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    I am not sure if the following two fall without the bounds of your musical preferences, but your theme made me think of these albums:

    Growth by Entsounds (Track listing: Seed, Growth I, Dormancy, Growth II, Flower, Death.) Ambient music with field recordings - in places sounds like an insect's-ear-view of spring.

    Rhizome by Yui Onodera - more ambient/microsound music focused on evoking microscopic growth processes. Playing this to your root crops is more or less guaranteed to increase their size.

    On a more conventional songish note, how about Little Blue River/in the Garden by Over the Rhine.
  • Another One Bites the Dust by Queen to play while weeding and squashing unwanted insects.

    I would be remiss not to suggest In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. Not that butchered nonsense they put on the radio, you need the 17 minute version that was a whole album side.
  • I'd forgotten that Dr M! No idea what happened to my LP - I wonder if I can find it on Spotify...
  • Adding to the mix:

    Nothings More Important Than the Earthworm by Stackridge
    Lilly of the Valley by Queen
    Grass by XTC
  • Well, if you're going to bring grass into this garden mix, we also need Animal Collective - Grass, where the particular type of grass seems to be Wheat.
  • Well, I've had a swell time trying to hunt down these tunes. I tried my best to get what's available in Canada for 49 cents and tried to fill in the blanks with something interesting. Also, thanks to Eireboy for putting me on to Cerys Matthews and MrV for that Ultimate Spinach. I got a kick out of Germanprof's first sentence.... I like to think that everything I listen to falls without the bounds. I really enjoyed those Rhizomes. Last year amclark2 put me onto some Music For Gardening and the year before that TimMason showed me the Pond, so Thanks!
    Hard to believe, with all that vinyl in the basement and the cds in the den, that I don't have a single Queen track, until now. Like Greg, I can't find my copy of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. I blame it on my sons DJ years and although it's an album only track it's just as interesting listening to it now as it was back in '68. Thanks Dr. Mutex. I'm going to have to check out some more of that Stackridge, made me think of Ween for some reason, so Thanks for that, Lowlife.
    At any rate, I've added in Green Grass by Tom Waits and It`s Gonna Be A Long Night by Ween.
    A day off to work in the garden and it's been snowing and now raining. Stormy Weather coming for sure. I'll also add Rain by Jan Krist to the mix.

    Here's what I've added so far.
    You Get What You Give by The New Radicals from Maximum Edge - '90s Modern Rock
    Arvo P
  • Well, it's raining today, so looks like I'll get to enjoy some sitting time, listening to tunes.
    Those rainy day dream away ones, with some thunder and lightning tossed in for good measure.
    Any suggestions?

    Looks Like Its Going To Rain - Ken Nordine
    From a Rainy Night - Jeff Gauthier Goatette
    Rain by Fat Freddy's Drop
    Downpour by Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins, Tom Rainey
    Bucaneve - Chris Watson

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    Black Sky from Ashgrove by Dave Alvin

    Ain't No Sunshine (from 'Night Covers' EP by The Watson Twins)

    Monsoon from 'Between the Mountain and the Moon' by Luka Bloom

    Rain Down Tears from 'Live at the Palladium in NYC New Year's '77' by Levon Helm & The RCO All Stars

    Clouds and Rain from 'No Language' by Linda McLean. (This was a surprisingly good Aimee Street downloads. Great song.)

    Hail, Lightning from Mount Moriah's self-titled album.

    Under a Stormy Sky, from 'Acadie' by Daniel Lanois (I think available on ITunes)

    Save it for a Rainy Day from 'Rainy Day' by The Jayhawks

    Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

    The Cloud Song from 'Draw Them Near' by Jess Klein

    Flood Waters from 'Love & War & The Sea In Between' by Josh Garrels (free download on Bandcamp)

    Gentle Rain from 'Sweet Minds' by Era Chorna (Pretty!)

    Mostly Water from 'Domestic Blues' by Bap Kennedy

    Rain Roll In from 'Sea of Tears' by Eilen Jewell

    [url=]Rainmaker[/url] from 'RetroSpectro' by Eliza Gilkyson

    Rains Are Gonna Come from 'Beat Avenue' by Eric Andersen

    Raintree from 'Long Road' by John Nikos (another Aimee Street freebie from back when - pretty good acoustic stuff)

    Rainy Night in Soho from 'The Best of the Pogues'

    Staying In from 'Come the Storm' by Eileen Rose (one of my favorite artists)
  • Walking in the Rain - The Ronettes
    The Rain, the Park, and Other Things - Cowsills
    Rain - The Beatles
    Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    It Looks Like Rain - Jann Arden
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    Well, the rain stopped. I'd sure like to thank kez for making my rainy day (in the best sense). I had a lot of fun searching out your suggestions. Your tunes have been gracing the garden through many experiments, and as always, I'm more than happy to add them to the mix. I was able to get most of them, with some exceptions I'll get around to noting next rainy day. It's a busy time in the garden, The apple's having a pretty big bloom this year and there's still bees buzzing up the tree.

    I'm looking forward to hearing that Yukitomo Hamasaki, but I must admit, seeing that something could cost 1,100 anything, kinda scared my tiny brain. I can't get around to clicking that next step and haven't yet dared to listen to it, in case the internet intercepts these messages. I'll have ponder on this one for a bit. The whole concept of album seems tailor made for the mix. Thanks, for sure, to Brighternow for all you do on these boards to tip us off to so much great music.

    Once again, I'd like to thank Dr Mutex for making me dig up some old memories. That Walking in the Rain by The Ronettes has one of the stormiest starts ever. I couldn't find anything here that came close so I chose an alternate.... I must say I was truly saddened when I heard of Billy Cowsill's departure some years ago. I first heard him live at the Elks Club in Medicine Hat back in the eighties and have always admired what great shows he put on. Thanks for making me think of him..... I think there were some 35000 tracks listed as "Rain" and I ended up using a great bad cover. It wasn't easy to find & Jann couldn't be found.


    ps Here's my lastfm page
  • Well. not so much rainy, just crappy shifts at work. Then again, it didn't help that I'd almost finished rounding up the links before this message just disappeared from the Emusic preview page. Rats, I'd forgotten the save, copy to file, clear cache, clear/change browser, restart, reload and refind requirements in Emusicland.

    Warning - most of these links are for the albums I can purchase here in Canada through emusic. The others are Allmusic or YouTube. My apologies if they don't work for you.

    Here's the latest additions

    Black Sky by Dave Alvin
    Black Sky by Sam Phillips

    Ain't No Sunshine by The Watson Twins
    Ain't No Sunshine & Animalitos (Ain't No Sunshine) by Woven Hand

    Monsoon by Luka Bloom
    Monsoon by Hooker, Miller, Ranaldo

    Rain Down Tears by Levon Helm & The RCO All Stars
    Rain Down Tears by Hank Ballard

    Clouds and Rain by Linda McLean
    Clouds & Rain by Zac Love

    Hail, Lightning by Mount Moriah
    Hail Storm by Carpet Musics
    Lightning by Daevid Allen & Dipstick

    Under a Stormy Sky by Daniel Lanois
    Stormy by Leeroy Stagger

    Pouring Rain At Dawn by The Jayhawks
    Save it for a Rainy Day by Jimmy Cornett

    Sunset by Kate Bush
    Cloudbusting by Neil Halstead

    City Garden by Jess Klein
    Song of the White Clouds by Howard Rovics

    Flood Waters by Josh Garrels
    Flood Waters by Anna Kline and the Grits & Soul Band

    Gentle Rain by Era Chorna
    Gentle Rain by Emilie-Claire Barlow

    Mostly Water by Bap Kennedy
    We Are Mostly Water by Fey Moth

    Rain Roll In by Eilen Jewell
    It Rolls Like Rain by Jim Malone

    Rainmaker by Eliza Gilkyson
    Rainmaker by Go Go Market

    Rains Are Gonna Come by Eric Andersen
    coming storm by Bazza

    Raintree by E.B.
    The Song Of Raintree County by Nat King Cole

    A Rainy Night in Soho by Shane MacGowan's Popes
    Rainy Night in Soho by Matthew Ryan

    Staying In by Eileen Rose
    Staying In by Diskjokke

    Sizzler by Pull My Finger
    Heartbreak wonderland & Our Footsteps Are Music by World's End Girlfriend

    Walking in the Rain by Show Of Hands
    The Rain by Robert Burton Hubele
    The Park by Robert Ashley
    Other Things by The Paradise Motel
    The Rain, The Park & Other Things by Cowsills
    Rain by The Punkles
    Who'll Stop The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Looks Like Rain by Fred Neil

    The Garden by Jackie Leven

    That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman
    That Summer Feeling by La Buena Vida

    That's what the garden been listening to lately (i keep the window open so it gets the full effect). I haven't hooked up the fake rocks yet, I believe I'll ponder on how to make this computer talk to the speakers, instead of hauling out the old imac and hooking it up to it's grandad Harman/Kardon.

    Thanks again
  • @Confused - very clever list!
  • Fake It - Seether (explicit or clean, your choice)
    How Can You Be Sure - Radiohead
    Fake Palindromes - Andrew Bird
    Freeker by the Speaker - Keller Williams
    Electronic Mix for Expanded Cinema - Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, John Cale
    Rock That Body - The Black Eyed Peas
    Enter Sandman - Metallica
    Like a Rolling Stone (Live 2001 Digital Remaster) - Bob Dylan
    Native Speaker - Braids
  • Well, although i might not be able to add some of them to the mix, the garden and I have had a listen thanks to Youtube and the internet. I'm only buying tracks for this years mix from emusic, so I'm kinda limited in what I can download.

    For many years we had a great fake standard rose tree, that had brilliant scarlet faux blossoms on it, moving around the garden delighting, amusing, and offending many folks (especially come January).

    At any rate, here's what I've added

    Fake It by Plants and Animals
    Don't Fake It feat. Bing Ji Ling by Tommy Guerro
    You Never Know by Jeff Beck
    Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
    Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird
    Freeker by the Speaker by Keller Williams
    Electronic mix for expanded cinema & Trance #2 - Angus Maclise, Tony Conrad And John Cale
    Electric Body Rock by Alec Empire
    Enter Sandman by Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory), John Christ (Danzig), Robert Trujillo (Metallica)
    Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
    Native Speaker by Braids


    Ps. I had The cloud doctrine in the SFL since I first heard Trance #2 on An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music Vol.1 a few years ago (a great series btw). Thanks for the reminder.
  • I had avoided Fake Plastic Trees since they didn't seem to belong in the garden, and in any case I was creating a Fake Rock Speakers segment. However, in view of your rose impostor, it's fitting to include it in the mix.
  • Well, with just 1 week left before our 11th annual Canada Day Garden Party,
    I'm inviting all of you to suggest something for the rotation. As mentioned, this years
    experiment will be conducted in a randomly selected rotation. Party runs noon til six, mix
    starts at dawn and runs til we give out (let's stir the ashes one more time).

    We'll see you in the garden one day.


    Ps Thanks again to all who provided data for the experiment.....may the Internet be with you.
  • Garden Party by Marillion?
  • Well, I never found that track, so we started with Stormy and finished with Green Onions (live).
    We had around 150 folks drop in and have a bit of a look around. The corn went in June 7th, and now is really filling in around 4-5' (appears they're enjoying the mix).


    Psst Still adding to the mix...
  • Have you got I can hear the Grass Grow by the Move?
  • Check out Trad, Gras Och Stenar (Trees, Grass and Sky), a Swedish psych group from the late '60's/early '70's, as well as their other "roots and shoots" including Parson Sound, International Harvester and Harvester. I have a Parson Sound album, and I seem to remember it being pretty growy.

    I'd also like to recommend Broccoli by the Association; but it may not be available to you. What a wonderful song though. It's been too long since I heard it.
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    - Slightly far fetched, but certainly a wonderful album.
    - Emusic
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    Well, it's time to update the mix. The corn's well underway, filling out great- about 9 to 10' now. I'm pretty suprised since most of it was knocked over and some lying on the ground after a storm on the 31st. Pretty fortunate, others haven't been so lucky. I guess I'll thank the mix for that.

    The new additions: (YouTube links)

    Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)(Live) by They Might Be Giants- My wife's pick. Thanks

    Blue Moon by Elvis Presley - it's still one of my favourite versions. Thanks.

    I Can Hear the Grass Grow by Move- Thanks, one of my favourite years. Mostly 16 years old that year.
    Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited - Like Klooks Kleek, I've heard some great sessions from the Fillmores.
    Fields of People

    En Enfaldig Mans Klagan (Lament of a Simple Man) by Tr
  • If you enjoy Ween have you gotten the Caesar Demos? Free two disks of alternates and outtakes from the Quebec sessions - available at http://www.ween.net/, go to the 8.12.2011 heading. Enjoy the Caesar salad!
  • Im right now listening to Mizuumi by Saito Koji. Looping drones with the sound of running water in the background - perfect soundtrack for watering the garden.
  • kezkez
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    Hmmm, all this talk about corn and broccoli and whatnot has made me think of an album I forgot all about -

    Ultimate Spinach "Behold & See." A couple of the track names fit right in with a gardening theme - "Mind of Flowers" and "Genesis of Beauty."


    Listening to the samples now, seems to me it's held up to the test of time fairly well, albeit pretty trippy.
  • Well, I can't thank you enough for the Boognish, first one in that genre plus I've earned big time brownie points from my wife for adding some Ween to the rotation (She put me on to Chocolate & Cheese). I couldn't help but include Ambrosia Parsley, Don't Let The Moon Catch You Cryin', Oh My Little Country Cottage, So Many People in the Neighborhood and It's Gonna Be a Long Night into the garden mix. I'm certainly enjoying this salad.

    running water in the background
    One of the best additions to the garden last year was the addition of a solar powered pump to our overflow pond. It'll run for 4 hrs every day or a couple of days on a full charge. The birds love the bath and the papyrus hasn't looked better. I added in 1,2 and 3.

    Hmmm, all this talk about corn and broccoli and whatnot has made me think...
    Well, there's not much i enjoy more than thinking and now I'm thinking that since Ultimate Spinach has been suggested again, I'd better add some more. I'll go with your suggestions and add in Daisy - from "Ultimate Spinach III".

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