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Figured it was time to start a thread for sales at Google Music since they seem to do a bunch.

Today is a tax day sale with a good number of albums at $2.99. Interesting mix of stuff.




  • The new St. Vincent album "Strange Mercies" is on there for $2.99.
  • The St. Vincent is highly recommended.

    I grabbed Roxy Music's Avalon, The Roots Things Fall Apart, and Tyler, The Creator Goblin.

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    A bunch of comps.

    A lot of crap there, but also comps from Stax, Fania, Def Jam, and a reggae comp that all look pretty darn good.

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    That Fania comp - Fania Records 1964-1980 - is cheaper, $4.40, at eMu, and highly recommended.
    I believe Amazon is again matching Google's prices too.
  • Thanks Craig! Despite not having the word NOW in it, the Stax #1's looks worth considering.
  • This week's Google Music $3.99 albums.

    Some interesting things this time around: Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan, Celia Cruz, Amadou & Miriam, and Robert Glasper.

  • Alternative/Indie Break Outs I think they're all supposed to be $3.99 but some albums are coming up $6.99. Some interesting albums though some of these are maybe not the best albums, such as She & Him Volume 2.
  • Has anyone ever bought a "She & Him" album at full price? Alt/Indie is not my usual thang, but I do like that M83 album.
  • A bunch of jazz on this week's Google sale: Link.

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    I followed the link BT and this is what I got
    Sorry! Music on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon.

    Exactly the same when I followed Craig's link

    Yet again..... just like emusic much of the time.

    It is interesting that when a UK company, for example 7 digital and Spotify, expands into the US they have few problems getting licensing agreements but it appears much more difficult the other way round unless, of course, your compamy is itunes or Amazon.
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    Flash $2.99 sale on classic albums from the Stones to Coltrane: Link.

    ETA: About time I grabbed Pet Sounds.

  • Flash sale already flashed? Those albums all $9-ish
  • It would appear so. Amazon matched the sale, though, so anything on those pages may still be $2.99 there.

  • Affirmative. Includes Complete Birth of the Cool. btw
  • This explains why I saw so many of the albums on Craig's link for $2.99 on Amazon about 2 hours ago - was just cruising a $2.99 search there but couldn't figure what the theme was.
  • That was seriously some flash...
  • The Complete Birth Of The Cool is now $9.99. I probably wouldn't have liked it anyway. One reviewer wrote, "I felt no beat, rhythm, or cohesion." It must be a really crappy album--otherwise why would someone say that?
  • Quite a random assortment of albums for $2.99. Most have been on sale many, many times. I'm tempted by the Trombone Shorty album.
  • I was hoping to see Amazon match Google's fall sale. One or two classics there I (for some reason) never owned.
  • @plong: All you had to do was wait.
  • @BT - yes, patience is rewarded. Bowie, Heroes. Not sure why I never bought this one before.
  • Each time they switch the Stevie Wonder offer I get to expand my collection.
  • Rock and More from $3.99 - Guitar Greats

    Looks less than Rock at the $3.99 price point. I've separated the $3.99 from the rest (generally $6.99) - here are the $3.99 albums:

    Howlin' Wolf - The Definitive Collection
    John Lee Hooker - The Definitive Collection
    John Lee Hooker - The Best of 1965-1974
    Gary Clark, Jr. - Blak and Blu
    Bonnie Raitt (1st)
    Muddy Waters - His Best 1947-1955
    Muddy Waters - His Best 1957-1964
    Muse - The 2nd Law
    The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
    The Black Keys - El Camino
    Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Gonna Change...
    Bill Frisell - All We Are Saying
    Freddie King - Texas Cannonball
    Andres Segovia - The Art of
    Pepe Romero - Flamenco!
    Brian Setzer - Goes InstruMENTAL
    Black Country Communion - Afterglow
    Various (Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, etc.) - Acoustic Routes (from the TV Documentary)
    In Advance of the Broken Arm - Marnie Stern

    Unsure how long these will be available - I don't check Google Play all that often.
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    The Blueprints of Modern Music


    $3.99! Others in sale are not really a lot like this. Other $3.99 sale items include BoyzIIMen, Ricky Skaggs and another John Lee Hooker album.
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