Drivin' n Cryin' new release

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Just released June 12, this is the first of four EPs to be created and released over a 12 month period. According to Amazon, "each EP will showcase a different facet of Drivin N Cryin's persona - rock, punk, country and... ?!"
"Crunching hard rock is the drivin part, brittle countryish balladry the cryin, with the two linked by a heavy dose of Led Zeppelinphilia. If Paul Westerberg had grown up worshipng Angus Young instead of Alex Chilton, the Replacements might have sounded something like this Atlanta band." - Rolling Stone

Streaming in its entirety all week beginning June 11, 2011 here.


  • Kind of amazing they're still around. When I lived in Atlanta, back in the early 90s, I saw them at the old Cotton Club. I went to see the opening act, which I believe was the late, great House of Freaks, but DnC was awful. They appeared to be so drunk they could barely hold their instruments, and they sure as hell couldn't play them. I ended up leaving after a few songs, which I almost never did back then.
  • I had a love-hate relationship with this group way back when. I found them sometimes amazingly good and sometimes amazingly awful. They have a new lead guitar player now and the tracks I streamed from the new EP were actually pretty good. Track 2 especially had some very rocking good guitar riffs.
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