Props to Adele

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Anyone else see this? From the NY Times:
Now “21” has joined an elite club of No. 1 albums, with its 24 weeks at the top tying Prince’s “Purple Rain” and the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack. In the 56-year history of Billboard’s chart only five albums have notched more weeks at No. 1: Harry Belafonte’s “Calypso” (released in 1956), the “South Pacific” soundtrack (1958) and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” (1977), each with 31 weeks; Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (1982), with 37; and the “West Side Story” soundtrack (1961), with 54.

Oh, and by the way, "closing in on 10 million sales." Remarkable - All that an a listenable album too!


  • Yes, it's an album that reaches all kinds of people, hence the high sales. It amazes me in this download age that anyone still wants to buy it now - why didn't they buy it months ago? It is not as though she is on tour or performing at a major TV event (she didn't do the Jubilee Concert in London a couple of weeks ago, for example) Her label are managing her well, though. It is rumoured that she is singing the next James Bond title song, but she has said that her next album will not come out for a time yet. I remember when the Beatles, and everyone else, issued a new album every six months or so (I know it is a different age in terms of recording techniques/times etc), but one new album every three or four years seems so little.
  • Definitely props to Adele. Her first album was also my first real freebie on AmiesStreet!

    @greg - 21 has pretty much never been discounted. At least anywhere that I've looked. And since it's already a little bit pricier than other releases (usually $11 or more) it's less likely to hit the "sure why not" mark for a lot of people. Also, that's how typical people who only own 40 or 50 albums purchase things - it can take months before they finally hit that point that it seems worthwhile to pick up something.
  • 21 certainly has not been discounted here either, 19 even still sells at full price - generally around £9.99 in most places for the CD. itunes have the download for £7.99, so that is probably the highest download price. It just surprises me that it is still selling well 18 months or so since release. There must come a saturation point when sales will start to drop.
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