Happy birthday Pauline !

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- A great Lady has turned 80 this year. Congratulations !

- "Pauline Oliveros turns 80 in 2012 and we’re celebrating with a year jam-packed with
performances, residencies and Deep Listening activities throughout the world.
Visit our site often for interviews, free downloads, calendar events and the latest news."

Celebrate With A Download

- "Each month we'll celebrate with a free download
of Pauline's work and a conversation with other musicians."

Free Download for Month of July:
Moving ChangesChanging Moves (2001) is a solo improvisation performed by Pauline with a Titano acoustic free bass accordion tuned in Just Intonation. Performed at Deep Listening Space, Kingston NY.


  • Well, I'd sure like to send out a Happy Birthday too! I've just recently had some of her albums working their way through the rotation and when I saw your post, i was hoping it was her. My 2 new favourite tracks of hers are Primordial / Lift and V of IV.

  • From the Free Music Archive:

    - "Though an unlikely combination -- accordion and koto -- it is not so much about the instruments as about the energies of the music that comes from the intensity of listening -- listening as close to 'now' as possible. We know that our consciousness is delayed by a fraction of a second that the brain interprets as now -- however the body is instantaneous in its perception. Thus the phenomena of playing and becoming conscious of what has played -- been played -- is a continually surprising experience in such improvisation."
    --Pauline Oliveros
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    I got this newsletter from Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Institute a few days ago:

    Year End Message from Pauline Oliveros and David Felton:
    "Dear Ib,
    As the end of the year approaches I am moved to thank everyone for Oliveros@80 celebrations! I am grateful for your attendance at the many wonderful performances of my music, purchases of new publications and recordings and your contributions for my birthday. See DLI President David Felton’s message to you below.
    Your individual support truly keeps the Deep Listening Institute going.
    Thank you and may you enjoy good times and good health."

    Link to the Newsletter
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