August 2012 Downloads

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With the exception of the detour into early 70s hippy-dome and a little more of the "gypsy" stuff, I hit mostly familiar themes last month.

Music from Big Pink by The Band ****
American Beauty****1/2, Dick's Picks 19****1/2, Europe '72****1/2 By Grateful Dead
Italian Virtuosi of the Chitarrone by Jakob Lindberg *****

Classics Online
At the Sign of the Crumhorn Flemish Songs and Dance Music by Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense ****

John Bull: Pavans and Galliards by Joseph Payne ****1/2

Folk on a Summer's Day ****1/2
Honey Babe by Algia Mae Hinton ****
Romantech by NY Gypsy All-Star ****
Sings For Your Lives by Vagabond Opera ****

Significant free
The Shadows Left Me Alive by Glowhouse ****
Joy Division (thanks, BN) ****1/2
1972 Paris by Grateful Dead ****
Munich by Randy Newman ****1/2
Bach: Early Cantatas by Emma Kirby ****1/2


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    Stocked up on Wil Bolton, Nicolas Bernier and Marconi Union this month, together with various other nice finds.

    Wil Bolton - Chimes for a Wall Drawing (Lovely! )
    Cloudkicker - Fade (Thanks, Lowlife)
    I've Lost - An Uncommon Gesture

    Various - A Morr Music Remix Collection
    Various - Morr Classics Pt 1
    B. Fleischmann - Mike The Virus - Works for Theatre and Film
    It's a Musical - For Years and Years
    Borko - Born to be Free
    Various - Backyard - The Movie (Morr has so figured out how to do the Drip thing)

    Thomas Fehlmann - Lowflow

    Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
    Christian Scott - Christian aTunde Adjuah
    Big Mahler Box
    Willits + Sakamoto - Ancient Future (Mostly opportunism on Amazon! )

    Grouper - Violet Replacement Pt 2: Sleep

    Tor Lundvall - The Mist
    Wil Bolton - Under a Name that Hides Her
    Marconi Union - Under Wires and Searchlights
    Marconi Union - Distance
    Marconi Union - Different Colours
    Nicolas Bernier - Music For A Piano / Music For A Book (Liked all of these. The proliferation of sources has made my emusic buying more focused)

    Free things
    Alban Berg Quartett and Kölner Rundfunk Sinfonie-Orchester - Drei Orchesterstücke
    The Lights Galaxia - Another Invisible City
    Phillip Wilkerson and Tange - Ege Denizi
    Eugene Carchesio - Taster's Menu

    Nicolas Bernier - usure.paysage (a challenge to my storage methods - CD packaged in a 12" LP sleeve)
    offthesky - The Lowern Decay EP (another challenge to the storage system - came in a hand made cardboard box)
    Tarwater - The Needle was Traveling
    Radio Massacre International - Time & Motion
    Yo-Yo Ma - The Cello Suites Inspired By Bach
    Various - Swing Greats (Totally worth the 50 cents I paid for it!)
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