Fall 2012 Mixtape on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN

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Dear all,

Thomas from I CARE IF YOU LISTEN here... I've just released our new Fall 2012 Mixtape:


It is free, as always.




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    Winter 2012 Mixtape is out from the passion driven I Care If You Listen blog . . .

    - This "tape" is more like a compilation of seperate tracks, skillfully assembled by Thomas Deneuville and a unique opportunity to get inspiration and insight to what is moving in the contemporary classical field at this very moment in time.
    "Created in December 2010 by Thomas Deneuville, NY-based French composer, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN was born from the desire to talk about Contemporary Classical Music, or New Music, in lay terms. Other interdisciplinary topics include Art and Technology.

    The title is a reference to a famous article by American composer Milton Babbitt published in 1958 in High Fidelity. Although this article is seen as the epitome of academic/serialist snobbery, its title was not the one that Babbitt intended (it was changed without his knowledge or consent before publication). The title of this blog is not directed at Mr. Babbitt, but more at the creative forces out there that tend to look down on their audience…"

    - More . . . . .

    I would like to thank all the artists and the record labels that generously donated an MP3 for this mixtape. If you like what you hear, check the credits below and buy their albums, follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, or drop them a line! These artists cannot create without our support.

    Note that this mixtape is released for your private enjoyment only. For any other use, including broadcasting, please contact the artists/labels directly.

    Thank you,

    –Thomas Deneuville, Founder and Editor of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN
    1. Jim Perkins - Spectres
    2. Empyrean Atlas – Eye to Eye
    3. David Bird – In Electric Resist
    4. The Ericksons – Gone Blind
    5. Ben Phelps – Tango (for four musicians)
    6. Robert Honstein – Patter
    7. Florent Ghys – Rose 21
    8. Missy Mazzoli – “You Are The Dust” from Song From the Uproar
    9. Jürg Frey - Les tréfonds inexplorés des signes pour piano, 35
    10. Clogs – Sundown Song

    - Thank you very much Thomas.
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    The spring "mixtape" is in progress and once it is released, the winter will disapear.
    "the winter will disapear."
    - Sounds nice !
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