Pop quiz hot shot: What is this?

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I've been intending to drive around town and take pictures of important music locations in the Twin Cities for awhile, and today I had time to do so. I had way too much fun. Below is a picture of a house from a famous picture. I thought it'd be fun to see if anyone could figure out what it is. Guesses?




  • Did Mary Richards live on the second floor, Rhoda in the attic apartment?
  • Not to my knowledge, although it's the second floor that is most important.

  • The fire escape is gone but....


  • Yes indeed!

    The house is not in good shape. At all.

  • Good one Craig.

    Here's a historic location not in music but comics: Just posted yesterday by Jaime Hernandez - Los Bros at the birthplace of Jack "King" Kirby

  • I'm going to have to take your word for it Doofy. I don't know who Jack "King" Kirby or Los Bros are!

  • Yes, sorry for the messboard non sequitir. Jack Kirby was the artist/co-creator of Captain America, the Hulk, and most other Marvel Comics characters; Los Bros Hernandez are the talents behind the long-running "Love and Rockets" series. Great pic for fans of comix - Jonah can probably back me up on this.

    I'll have to see if I can think of any good Chicago building album covers...besides the obvious one!

  • No worries, I figured they were well known in a certain crowd!

    You know, I had no idea the YHF cover was actually a building until about two months ago. The coloring led me to believe it was just an interesting design. Then I saw a picture of that building somewhere and it clicked.

  • I know that one - it's the Conet Project right?
  • That page on the Conet Project has the facts behind numbers stations completely wrong. As we learned from Fringe they are actually coordinates for pieces of a universe destroying/healing machine.

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    This is not really difficult, but I thought it was cute. Just came across this album cover spoof (I cropped the band name/title):


    Title and band of original album? (or just post the original cover)
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  • Indeed. The ears were a giveaway.
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