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A new social networking website is in Beta, that looks like it does what we do here on a larger basis. All members have five new bands highlighted that they love (their plums) and you can browse folks to find those who have similar tastes as you. Then when they find a new band you'll know about it. Looks interesting, and I just signed up.

Here's the link to sign up for the Beta, and here's me. They are still working on getting all band's listed, so two of my plums are place holders until they add two bands, but they seem to be real quick about it.



  • Is this Facebook-only?
  • No. Is that what the link is showing?

    Try this link.

  • It looks like you need to sign in with Facebook - I wonder if it's because you sent me an invite or something because they keep insisting that one of my friends is involved :-P

    Not a deal-breaker, I'll have to give it a try later.
  • I signed in via Facebook, but there were other options.

    It's a fun site to explore, and they're adding a filter that takes anyone with a gold record out of the matrix. So it will be more unknowns.

  • I'm a little thrown by their specification of "new bands" and what they're really looking for as far as unknowns. I poked around at the top "plumspotters" and saw they were mostly getting credit for groups like Japandroids, Beach House, Twin Shadow, etc. These are all critical darlings for the past few years. And Frank Ocean is another top one who will most likely hit Gold soon (if he hasn't already).

    I'm worried it'll suffer from the same problem as the Amie Street rec system did - people will be recommending groups that aren't totally mainstream by they know a lot of people listen to.
  • From the FAQ:
    "Do I have to sign in with Facebook?
    Yes, at this time you have to sign in to Plumspotter via Facebook. In the future we will evaluate other options for creating and logging into your account."
  • Apologies – it appears that you’re using a browser that isn’t supported by Plumspotter. In order for you to have the best site experience, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Thanks!
    It seems to work in Opera anyway.

    Deerhunter is new?
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    Look to be a USA only site - requires a valid US postal code as part of the sign-up.

    It also asks for an email address, despite taking one from Facebook!!!
  • We can give you one of our zip codes PaulR
  • To make it easy, 10001 is New York, NY.
  • I got an e-mail congratulating 7 artists for "graduating" from Plumspotter:
    Of Monsters and Men • Lumineers
    The Weeknd • Hunter Hayes
    Kendrick Lamar • Frank Ocean • Bon Iver

    All have releases certified Gold by the MAFIAA...
  • Mafiaa? It made me look twice, fortunately the extra a makes a big difference!
  • Just joined and followed you, Craig. You can add bands yourself or request them, but adding it yourself is a lengthy process.
  • Back atcha CW0.

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