Miles Live in Europe V1 Cheap from Amazon

Just thought you all ought to know this: I was browsing Amazon's mp3 pages and on the Miles Davis Live in Europe Volume 1 page, there is currently a special offer--"Purhase the CD for $8.99 and get the complete album free on MP3. The cost of the MP3 download alone is $19.99. Too weird to believe, so I ordered it. Turns out, what you get is a cd of "The Best of..." & the complete download, not a best of download.

This deal will probably not last long.


  • Wow - awesome - thanks! I had already bought the best - of cd (for like $.99 during a mistake sale); just now checked my cloud player , and the whole box is there!
  • Probably part of their new automatic ripping service?
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    The CD the link on the MP3 page takes me to is the single disc Best of for $8.99, not the 3 disc set which is substantially more. But you got the 3 disc MP3 autorip?
    Well, yes, I did - took the leap of faith on that one and thank you very much. The translation from Cloud Player to Download Manager was a touch squirrelly but after double checking and making sure all 24 songs made it in there, it's A OK.
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