Blast from the past

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I started subscribing to the Lefsetz Letter a couple of months ago. Usually interesting, always opinionated. Today's entry (Warner Goes Kickstarter) has particular relevance for fans of the old eMusic. Good to see Yancey has landed on his feet.


  • April Fools?
  • April Fools! Although Yancey is at Kickstarter...
  • I thought that might be a possibility. Oh well, it seems like a good idea anyway. Better than the current model.
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    A good April Fools prank will exploit the target's desires and wishes. I fell for Mandolin Caf
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    But wait, check this out...finally being reissued on vinyl! OMG about time...


    Wonder what ever happened to Chris? There's a vicious rumor out there that he got fat and started making country records.
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    This has to be an april's fool on soundcloud:
    Debuting Today: The Dropometer
    The drop in a track can be unpredictable and surprising. Some of you have even told us that you find it unsettling, not knowing when to expect that sense of overwhelming euphoria. Inspired by your feedback, we’ve invented the Dropometer.

    Using a unique algorithm (patent pending), the Dropometer is designed to help you prepare yourself for the big moment, whether that means getting in the mental space where you can really break it down, or fixing yourself a fortifying snack.

    While we first innovated the Dropometer around dubstep, we’ve identified broad utility for this new functionality across all genres. Look to the Dropometer to find out when to expect a key crescendo in a 17th-century symphony or the emotional climax in an episode of This American Life.

    The Dropometer is web-only at the moment; we’ll be rolling it out to mobile in the coming weeks, so you can brace yourself for the drop on the go. Let us know what you think, and watch this space: we’ll be bringing you even more advanced features soon!
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