Public Guilt - record label going out of business sale

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Small record label Public Guilt is going out of business and having a a closing sale - here.

Some interesting looking stuff at pretty low prices.


  • Thanks, I e-mailed them about the Zu releases and a few others that sounded interesting.
  • Cool, looks like they still have all that I was interested in - time for me to bolster some of my experimental collection.
  • They had everything I wanted too; I ordered:

    The Psychic Paramount - Live 2002 | The Franco-Italian Tour

    Various Artists - untitled 3xCD box set

    Ala Muerte - Santa Elena CD

    Cream Abdul Babar - Excavations 2xCD

    Planet Y - Space Station CD

    So 5 albums, total of 8 discs. Came to $18 with shipping. Most of it I had never heard of, although the Psychic Paramount album got a perfect score from Tiny Mix Tapes.
  • I grabbed the 3 Zu releases, Still - Remains, Planet Y - Space Station, Aluk Todolo - Descension, and Magicicada - Everyone is Everyone.

    Now that you mentioned the perfect score for Psychic Paramount I'm going to ask him to toss that in, too. He mentioned he won't be shipping things until this weekend.
  • Got my order - they threw in a freebie too - Strotter Inst. - Minenhund; looks cool.
  • Got mine in today. They must have had plenty left over of the Strotter Inst. as I got one, too. The vinyl is so awesome looking. Can't wait to listen to it all.
  • You guys wore me down. E-mail has been sent to them.

    With my brand new (awesome) record player, I need some more vinyl anyway!

  • My order came in yesterday, and the vinyl is indeed absolutely gorgeous, especially the Terminal Lovers LP. Its black and yellow marbled.

    Got a few freebies as well, including Destructo Swarmbots and Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat (where's that band name thread...).

    Really looking forward to exploring all the stuff.

  • A little bummed, I really debated about ordering that Anus of a Black Cat - it sounded pretty good, but I couldn't get past the name!
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