Winter 2013 Mixtape, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN

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Good morning eMusers!

Happy new year! Some new music to ring in 2014: our Winter 2013 Mixtape!

Click on the cover to download it :)


It is, as always, free and available for 3 months only.

Thank you,
Founder/Editor-in-Chief of I CARE IF YOU


  • Good Morning ? ? ?

    - It's 3:30 in the afternoon !

    Thanks Thomas, - and a a joyful and creative New Year to you and everyone @ ICIYL.
  • Hahaha! I was posting with New York in mind :)

    A happy new year to you too, Ib, and I hope that some great music will come your way in 2014!
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    Thanks, Thomas...getting a 404 on your link at the moment. Google still works though.
  • Thanks! I downloaded it from the website's link instead of the image without any trouble.
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