Spring 2014 Mixtape - I CARE IF YOU LISTEN

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Good morning eMusers!

Spring is here which means that we bring you some new music to listen to!



It is, as always, free and available for 3 months only.

Thank you,
Founder/EiC of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.com


  • Good afternoon !

    Thank you (at 5:00 pm)
  • Spring is here
    You clearly don't live in Michigan :-)
  • @Germanprof I don't :) But it's rhetorical even in NYC!
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    "Less than 4 weeks left to download our free Spring 2014 Mixtape!"
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    The summer mixtape has been out since June 27. so I will take over from Thomas.


    - With excellent tracks from Kirsten Volness, Girma Yifrashewa and Robert Honstein (AMO)

    - It is a pity that this mixtape is in 128 kbps.
    - It does affect the lintening experience, . . . But nevertheless worth digging into.

    ETA: Here's the Kirsten Volness track on Soundcloud:
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