Stone Tape Recordings--going out of business sale

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The email I received this morning"

Hello all,
This is the last ever Stone Tape newsletter as we prepare to close our doors for good in November. Before we go we're having a big closing down sale - here's everything we have left, simply reply to this email with your wants and your wishes shall be granted...

(p&p to be added at cost)

RMCOMP-001 / THE INNER OCTAVE - various artists CD - £2 (2 copies left)
RM-013 / THE OWL SERVICE - The Red Barn 7" - £2 (5 copies left)
RMR-008 / THE OWL SERVICE - The Pattern Beneath the Plough pt.1 & 2 CD - £2
STR-002 / THE OWL SERVICE - Garland Sessions CD - £2
STR-006CD / ALASDAIR ROBERTS - Hirta Songs CD - £4
STR-006LP / ALASDAIR ROBERTS - Hirta Songs LP - £6
STR-009 / THE DRIFTWOOD MANOR - Of the Storm CD-r album - £3
STR-010 / ALISON O'DONNELL & FIREFAY - Anointed Queen CD - £4
STR-011 / YOU ARE WOLF - Hawk to the Hunting Gone CD - £4
YML-002 / NANCY WALLACE - Pockets 7" - £3
YML-003 / LOST HARBOURS - Within 7" - £3
YML-001 / CRAFTING FOR FOES - Greenwood Laddie 7" - £3 (1 copy left)

Before we go we're planning a second pressing of the Greanvine album (reply to this email to register your interest and make sure you don't miss out) and
there's 1 last new release to come, which is the debut mini-album from Jo Overfield & Ray Morgan with music by Diamond Family Archive (STR-012). That's
due for release in early November but we'll begin taking pre-orders very soon. Keep an eye on Bandcamp and/or Facebook for more details.

The main reason for closing STR is to focus on new Owl Service projects. If you're interested in following our forthcoming endeavours you can do so via
these various portals...

Thanks for your support over the last (almost) 3 years - it's been a blast.

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