Have I mentioned Johnny Dowd lately.

Well, by golly I'm falling behind (as usual)  Johnny's newest album "That's Your Wife on the Back of My Horse" came out on Emusic Mar 9th and here it is the end of April and I almost forgot. It's terrific by the way, Classic Johnny vocals & wit, and superb drum machine soundtrack. 

I urge all to seek it out.
Accept the Consequence



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    I downloaded it yesterday - saw that he had a new one (searching through Spotify). Gave a listen, a thumbs up , and a load down. Excellent stuff. 
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    By golly, I believe I did, just the other day. That prompted a search and low and behold...

    Released Sept. 9/2016
    A review from his website

    “Sometimes music shouldn't be easy, and instead should be mysterious, idiosyncratic and the work of a true maverick. So we should welcome the arrival of a new Johnny Dowd album. . . . Never a man to run from the truth, if there was any justice, this guy would be a legend.“

    — Acoustic Magazine (UK)


    “Imagine if Hank Williams had mutated into Captain Beefheart, acquiring a bunch of primitive electronic equipment along the way, and you’ll get some idea of where Johnny Dowd is at onExecute American Folklore. . . . Gloriously deviant.“

    — Andy Gill, The Independent (London)

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