33 1/3 Proposals

For those interested in writing a book about one of your favorite albums, 33 1/3 have an open call for proposals.


  • If only I had writing ability...

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    Well, I've got writing ability, if only I had knowledge to share (or knew where to get it).

    Shows my age, but here are the first two albums I thought of.  I doubt all that many people would want to read about them, but I would!



    eta, Wait a minute, you write for MiG...!

  • Doesn't mean I'm any good at it!

  • Let them be the judge of that!

    I'm seriously considering it. If I can put a proposal together in time, I'll submit it. Otherwise, I'll at least get a head start for the next open call. Maybe I should start writing for MiG in the meantime to bolster my credentials!
  • You should!

    I wouldn't even know what to right about.  The only 33 1/3 I've read was John Darnielle's.
  • Anything I wanted to write about people would be going "who?"
    Ah well, I am laboring on enough books at the moment. Those book contracts seem cool when you sign them...
  • I wouldn't let the "who?" aspect stop you, GP.  The most recent one is about the Super Mario Bros. music.

    I may give a proposal a shot.

  • Oh, I thought it was about 33 1/3 rpm.  
  • I actually had an idea.  So, I'll flesh it out and see if there's actually anything there.

  • I've just looked at the details. The first few albums that were in my mind are already there - no surprise really. Whilst in theory I'd love to do it, I know how I struggle with even small writing contracts, so 30,000 words is beyond me. Best wishes, though, Craig - I hope it comes off. As the series is new to me I'll have to look out for it.
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