Short-term Nonesuch 50% sale


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    Thanks, going to grab a couple of titles. Great timing - I almost bought Fatou yesterday from Amazon.
  • What a catalog. Hard to pass on the Mehldau 'Complete Friday Night' for 20/2=10. That set is only avail from Nonesuch, I believe
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    Aaand ... their site went down just as I was about to order.

    ETA I think it's back.
  • The Nonesuch catalog is so gloriously diverse.  Easily one of the more fascinating labels out there.

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    Well, that was an adventure. Site was down for a short while. Ordered four albums, three of them will download, the fourth gives an error message. My account page says I have purchased no downloadable items. Got a query in to customer service. I think they have some wrinkles to iron out.

    I hope ECM never have a half price sale, it might bankrupt me.

    ETA, Oh, and the Fatoumata Diawara album has not tags or album art whatsoever.
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