The Danish Hit Parade

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Now and again there's some really great songs turning up on hot rotation at various danish local radio stations.
- very often with international potential.

Here is two of them: 

The Rumour Said Fire - The Balcony

Hymns From Nineveh - A Kid on the Beach


  • Thanks, enjoyed the first one a lot.
  • I have to say, after the fourth (and, I fear, probably last) Figurines album failed to produce an American hit single even with the song "New Colors," I pretty much gave up on Danish rock/pop bands ever being given a fair shake on the international music scene.

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    I have to say, after the fourth (and, I fear, probably last) Figurines album failed to produce an American hit single even with the song "New Colors," I pretty much gave up on Danish rock/pop bands ever being given a fair shake on the international music scene.
    - Well, Lucas Graham is a nice excepsion, with his huge talent and impecable  voice control.

    Lucas was born and raised in the "freetown" Christiania in the Copenhagen area. This video shows some footage from there

    BTW, The guy at 2.32 seconds in is Stig Møller from the danish hippie band Steppeulvene.
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    As opposed to Lucas Graham, Jacob Dinesen is probably not known outside of Denmark.
    A young lad with a very powerful Bruce Springsteen'ish voice
    - in fact so close that I could easily be fooled to believe it actually is  BS.

    - But then again, I'm not much of a BS fan.

    - Really first class songwriting and performance . . .

  •  From way back in 1994:


  • Not a hit and not on hot rotation, but a remarkable passionate performance by an artist who call himself "Bisse" (translates to bully or thug)

    Bisse - Shotgun for dig

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    On hot rotation these days:

    The White Album - One by One

    The White Album is a Danish trio who writes catchy popsongs of very high quality.

    The White Album - Guns and Ammunition


  • Excellent songwriting from a member of the danish rockband Nephew.
    - On hot rotation these days.

    Simon Kvamm - Solo

  • There's a new-ish review of the Raveonettes' "anti-album," which is apparently going to be called "2016 Atomized," on a blog called "Dave Cromwell Writes." It consists of 12 tracks that were released one per month on Youtube last year, but now we have the final track order and release date (download on Feb. 17, CD on April 21). In some ways it's probably their best album yet... it's certainly the "trippiest."
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    From way back in the 80. and featuring the late Svend Asmussen on violin.
    (his son was a member of this band)

    Shu-bi-dua - Melankolini


    Rune Senf - Swedish Love

    When it comes to Rune, I am biased because I know the guy, but he's very talented and keeps getting better and better
  • When it comes to Rune, I am biased because I know the guy, but he's very talented and keeps getting better and better
    Indeed !

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    The danish band Sort Sol (formerly known as The Sods) are back together after a 16 years brake and in great shape.

    Mikkel Nordsø Band - Fire To My Telephone

    One of the greatest guitarplayers from Denmark
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    Here is one of the most important Danish artists for me during the eighties and nineties
    (If not the most important)

    I've recently discovered that he is on Bandcamp

    There's very few albums that has changed my life, here's one of them:

    Presence was Martin Hall’s hugely successful comeback album after a two and a half year-long retreat from the music industry. The release created a massive media hype and featured the hit single “Beat of the Drum”, a track that would become the most played Danish single on the leading radio station The Voice in 1988 (then and now the biggest commercial radio in Denmark). If you include international competitors “Beat of the Drum” was only surpassed by John Farnham’s worldwide hit “The Voice”.

    received excellent reviews. It was also the first Hall record ever to enter top 20 during the first week of its release. The album is a crystalline pop production featuring catchy songs with grand-scale arrangements and epic, highly charged lyrics. The record was subsequently released throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe where it also generated a line of great reviews.

    Martin Hall image
    Album debut with Ballet Mécanique’s “The Icecold Waters of the Egocentric Calculation. Founder of Pesteg Dred, SS-Say and Under For. Synth-orientated solo albums like “Relief” in the 80’s. “Random Hold” European break in the 90’s. Recent records such as the neo-classical “If Power Asks Why” and his latest solo album “Phasewide, Exit Signs”. Collaborations with artists such as Efterklang and Othon.

    Ballet Mécanique remains one of the most sensational post-punk acts on the Danish music scene. When the group’s debut album, The Icecold Waters of the Egocentric Calculation, was released, it was instantly proclaimed as Danish rock history by legendary Danish poets and critics such as Michael Strunge and Poul Borum. Among many other achievements the record still figures on the illustrious Danish rock encyclopedia Politikens Rockleksikon’s chart over the 50 most important releases in Danish rock.

    Ballet Mécanique synthesized rock, avant-garde and poetry in an at the time unheard way, using dancers, films and slides at their concerts to recreate their own surrealistic ecology on stage. The group played (in)famous concerts at Copenhagen Reggae Festival in Enghaveparken (1980) and at Roskilde Festival (1981). Ballet Mécanique released their second and final album For in 1982 after which Martin Hall reconstituted the group as Under For.

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    Uffe Lorenzen from Spids Nøgenhat and Baby Woodrose:

    Released: 10 November 2017 on Bad Afro records

  • The members of Danish dreamo-shoegaze band Dorias Baracca have finally released the album they recorded in 2011 just before their lead singer died.

    It's pretty good!
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    In a clash of pulsating beats and experimental soundscapes, Aarhus based
     Røgsignal (Smoke Signal) has created its very own instrumental universe. The songs are equally inspired by modern Indie Rock and a homesickness towards
      the deserted roads of rural Denmark.

    ”The band’s sound has been described as fusion jazz incorporating different sounds and influences from Denmark and the wider world of music. It works like magic"
    Nick Davies, All About Jazz 2016
  • Peter Sommer

    On hot rotation these days on just about every radiochannel.
    - has got all it takes for a genuine earworm, Excellent guitar riff, catchy chorus line and brilliant songwriting and production.

  • Velvet Volume - Honey

    - Velvet Volume is a fairly new and very young trio with an abundance of passion, rock feeling and skills.

  • Lukas Graham & Hus Forbi - You’re Not The Only One (Redemption Song) (Hus Forbi Version)
    In the fall of 2018, Lukas Graham collaborated with 20 street paper vendors from Hus Forbi to record this live version of ‘You’re Not The Only One (Redemption Song)’. Hus Forbi supports people who are homeless or socially vulnerable by running a street newspaper for them to sell.    In support of their cause, Lukas Graham is releasing a 7” live version of the song, sold exclusively by Hus Forbi vendors. All proceeds from this sale go directly to the vendor from whom the vinyl is purchased.
    Hus Forbi translates to something like House gone by.

    - A great project from one of the most skilled pop singers from Denmark.

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    Ex-Figurines frontman Christian Hjelm released a really nice pop album earlier this year called Uskolet Magi, which apparently translates as "Unschooled Magic." (The link is to a Youtube playlist of the whole thing). This is probably my choice for Album of the Year, though admittedly that's not saying much since I probably only listened to about a dozen new albums this year. (Maybe not even that many.)
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    ^^ Christian Hjelm's "I Disse Dage" (In These Days) is on hot rotation all over the place ATM:

    Great popsong !

    ETA: To my surprise this is a song from 2014 and not from the new album.
    - Christian's albums is on Emusic together with other albums from Playground Music
  • In Denmark we have a childrens version of the European Song Contest.

    What grabs me about this event is the sheer joy of singing and performing.

    Here's one of the finalists:

    Lisa & Xenia - Ham, som troede (LIVE) | MGP 2019

  • Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - The Middle
    Brilliant and extremely catchy new single from the newly reunited Rock/Pop band

    - It's about 26 years ago since DML knocked everyones socks off (including mine) with their debut album and the song Silverflames
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