Emusers 2016 Christmas Thread

The danish Dacapo Records label have launched their annual Advent Calender.

Second Sunday of Advent: Win acclaimed Nørgård albums

If you can answer this week's Advent calendar question, you have the chance of winning Oslo Philharmonic and conductor John Storgårds's recordings of Per Nørgård's symphonies 2 & 6 and 4 & 5:

What great German music prize did Nørgård receive in 2016?

Send your answer to newsletter@dacapo-records.dk by December 8. Remember to list your name and address. We pick one winner of the 2 CDs among the correct answers.

Congratulations to last week's winner of Beethoven: The Symphonies, Armin Dilchert from Germany.

Read more & Buy Symphony 2 & 6
Read more & Buy Symphony 4 & 5


  • Ho ho ho ! . . . :)

    Pa rum pum pum pum !

    Great addition to Christmas music though also a little bittersweet with Sharon Jones's recent passing. 
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    Oh !  . . . my goodness ! . . . It had slipped my attention or awareness.

    - Makes my post a bit inapropriate.
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    Win 3x Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

    What American string quartet recorded two Dacapo CDs of music by Danish composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen?

    If you know the answer to this, you have a chance of winning our three Summer releases of works by the great Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, who passed away this year.

    Send your answer to newsletter@dacapo-records.dk by December 15. Remember to list your name and address. We pick one winner of the 3 CDs among the correct answers. Congratulations to last week's winner of 2x Per Nørgård, Nathan from Israel.

  • Oh !  . . . my goodness ! . . . It had slipped my attention or awareness.

    - Makes my post a bit inapropriate.
    No worries  :) I think she would be happy we're listening to and talking about her music. It's my understanding that she kept performing and playing until the very end. 
  • Anyone have a newish Chrismas music recs? I like to pick up at least one new Christmas album every year. My wife likes She and Him so did pick up their latest, but it hasn't left my wife's car yet. 
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    Probably not what you are looking for . . .

    - The "goodies for old farts" label Rarity Music have recently uploaded a number of sixties Christmas albums.
    (and also the two Cream albums, Fresh Cream and Disraeli Gears)

  • For years, I used to make a 2-DVD set of mostly unusual holiday music for friends.
    Each disc would feature either the first or the last 6 of the 12 days of Christmas with each "day" having the maximum 99 tracks that the software would allow. That means that the whole compilation featured 1188 tunes - complete with album graphic, artist, and tune name displayed prominently on your TV screen as each tune played. Even tho this would make up only about 3 days of music, I'm sure that I have enough holiday stuff - that you don't normally hear - that could be played continuously, without repeat, for the complete 12 days of Christmas.

    Here's my 2016 holiday radio show if anyone is interested.
  • Anyone have a newish Chrismas music recs? I like to pick up at least one new Christmas album every year. My wife likes She and Him so did pick up their latest, but it hasn't left my wife's car yet. 
    How about The Legendary Pink Dots "name your price" Christmas album from 2015 ?

  • I kind of liked this series of Below Average Christmas EPs, all of which are NYOP Bandcamp releases from some dude in New Jersey named Josh O'Hara. Nothing special about Mr. O'Hara himself, though - looks like he's just a regular guy with a DAW rig who likes to record Christmas tunes.
  • Well, Hi & Howdy to all my Emuser friends. Here's wishing you all the best this holiday season.

    2016 was a pretty crappy year all around. Losing so many musical friends, all that exiting and a torn rotator cuff just thrown in for good measure.
    I've been up to my usual  non-gardening activities (vinyl & now working my way through the 4min 46sec spot in the itunes library) so I haven't done any new full album listening. I'll catch up again next spring.

    Here's a Christmas tune from an old favourite

    Once again, Thanks to all of you for the terrific time I had spending it with you this year. I look forward to next year's garden.

  •  - Thanks @confused - It is always ( :)) a pleasure to see you here !

    And a joyful Christmas (or whatever you choose to call it) to everyone. . .

    As a firm believer in traditions:

    xx years ago, the vintage recordings website Dawn of Sound released a compact disc collection of public domain early recording artifacts called Voices of Christmas Past. The recordings were cylinders and acetates from 1898 to 1922. Every year after the release, the website was inundated with requests for the CD. Once it was out of print, Dawn of Sound released it online for free.
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    Voices of Christmas Past is a real treat!

    OK, I wanted to say something - and it seems that this is as good as any place to do it.

    First: the apology:

    Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that I received a message from Brighternow (it was sent to me 2 months ago) ... and this has happened before with something sent to me from cafreema. Both of these questions/comments were discovered quite by accident by me, so I apologize for not getting back to you. Is there some setting that announces that I've received a note from you guys? Because otherwise, I would only discover it accidentally (this time, I wanted to check my profile page to see when I joined up here and that's how I discovered that I had a message from someone).

    Second: the praise:

    I'm still pretty amazed that I found a music place like what we have here. 
    So many of the "music" forums are often dens of trolling and political nonsense with musical tastes that are usually pretty boring - or if they aren't boring, it's often filled with extremely self-righteous blowhards. I'm always amazed at the creative quality of what people listen to here - and at the sheer amount of new and groovy stuff that is presented here that it actually becomes almost "difficult" to keep up with it all. This is what makes this forum really great (in my opinion), so I wanted to thank you all for keeping it fun, creative and always interesting.
  • @rostasi,
    re the first, in the top left hand corner where your avatar appears is your name and four little icons - a globe, a piece of mail, a star, and a cog (come to think of it maybe you only see the first three if you are not an admin?). When you get a message, a little red marker should appear by the mail symbol. I'll send you one in just a moment so we can test. I am not sure if it is also supposed to send you an email or whether that is something you can set.

    Second, really glad you found us and joined, and thanks for all the finds you have added to the conversation. Yes, this is an unusually civil little corner of friendly music gluttons; thanks for fitting right in! Spinning happily in little eddies along the stream is more fun than keeping up :-) 
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    I just sent 2 short messages. In your profile preferences it looks as if you have the preference set to receive an email at your biz@... address when you get private messages - let me know if that is not working (and I'll scratch my head and see if eythian knows how to fix it).
    ETA apparently you can also change that preference so you get a popup when you log on after getting a message if you like. I have not tried that setting.
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    The envelope in the corner has no number - and clicking on it says that I've got nothing. I'll check my profile stuff - no email for the biz address.

    OK, I just added the "popup" option too, so we'll see what happens...

    BTW, I tried deleting one of the personal messages and the
    thing started "spinning" (or waving or shifting or whatever that's doing)
    and I get a message in the bottom left corner:

    Refreshing the page showed that the message was finally deleted tho.
  • @eythian do you have any wisdom on the above?
  • try sending me another now that I've set the "popup" up.
    It should work now.
  • I just realized another wrinkle here. I believe there are two functions - sending a message and adding a comment to your profile. I think I did the latter instead of the former last time and I am not sure that triggers a notification, I definitely sent a message just now.
  • OK, so it shows 2 notifications and 1 "inbox" now. Great!

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    @rostasi there was a misconfiguration at my end that was preventing emails getting to you. This is a test of fixing that.

    Edit: OK, it's now temporary rejecting rather than permanently rejecting, I assume it'll start letting them through once a bit of time has passed.

    Edit 2: I just saw it succeed, so this means that you (and probably some others too) are more likely to get email notifications of messages and such in the future. Cheers for bringing that to my attention.

    As for the xsanitise thing, it's a known issue: https://open.vanillaforums.com/discussion/31164/activity-error - I think it'll just have to wait until it's fixed in an upgrade.

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    I've received my first emusers email notice,
    so, yes, it's working now - thanks!
    ...and, again, apologies to those who tried
    getting hold of me and received no or late responses.
  • @rostasi no, apologies are all mine, I had a badly configured mail server that made emails look like spam!
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