emusic booster packs anyone?

I don't know how much emusic members are still on this board. But my account is on hold until the middle of May and I sort of am waiting to re-enlist when they are running 2 for 1 booster packs. Does anyone know if booster packs are currently available?  Unfortunately you get off their mailing list when you put your account on hold. 

I know that there's been an emusic beta around which eventually will be rolled into the current site -- possibly leading to a deemphasis on booster packs. Who knows? 


  • ip, You will want to hop over there pdq. Booster sale is on as of this writing. They are saying that old site goes down/new site goes up next week, and suggesting that Booster sales will not be offered on new site. Current credits (incl Boosters) will transfer to new site
  • Thanks. That's kind of what I thought. 
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