Ripples in Space, ATLAS V

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The Atlas V family, which includes the flight-proven Atlas V 400 and 500 series, are the latest evolutionary versions of the Atlas launch system. Atlas V uses a standard common core booster™ (CCB), up to five strap-on solid rocket boosters (SRB), an upper-stage Centaur in either the Single-Engine Centaur (SEC) or the Dual-Engine Centaur (DEC) configuration, and one of several payload fairings (PLF). A three-digit (XYZ) naming convention is used for the Atlas V 400 and 500 series.

(Photography by NASA)

This hour is to celebrate one year NASA’s mission OSIRIS-REx. The OSiRIS-REx was launched on 8 September 2016. It has been traveling for more than a billion kilometers though space to grab a sample of dust from the astroid 101955 Bennu. NASA is hoping to find the origins of this universe in these molecules. The OSIRIS-REx will plant a chip containing art while taking the sample. On this chip pieces of sound art and sound research of the composer-sonologist Roland Kuit. This is hour is an ode to the rocket Atlas V.

1/ Atlas V Launch – NASA,
2/ Atlas V ripples in space – Roland Emile Kuit, 2017.

Used sounds from NASA Soundcloud under Ceative Commons-Licencee:
Rocket Engine Sounds: Atlas V Launch
Apollo 11: We Have a Lift-Off  


  • Wow!
    The more of these you post, the more I am curious - how did you come to have such a close connection to NASA that your sound art would become part of these missions?
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    NASA publicly asked for this. As science is a creative thing! 
    More of interest should be how I clustered these sound molecules.
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    Wow indeed ! - Thanks Roland.

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    For listening:

    ATLAS V ripples in SPACE

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