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Have a look at Progarchives top 100 Prog Rock albums for 2017. 16 out of the top 50 are available on eMusic plus there are other albums by another 9 bands with entries.



  • Is there a reason that you're always shouting?
  • Proggie culture is different from what most modern-era people are used to. There, they celebrate the Caps Lock key; they don't suppress it like the rest of society. Also, they seem to like fried mozzarella sticks a lot, for some reason.
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    Also, they seem to like fried mozzarella sticks a lot, for some reason.
    Billedresultat for fried mozzarella sticks
    My brain makes weird connections, seeing this :#

     . . . Not that many names I know of . . . Some Tzadik and Cuneiform is NA at €mu (obviously)

    This one is also NA

    A danish band featuring the excellent guitar player Robin Taylor
    - But without Carsten Vogel (Burnin Red Ivanhoe etc. - some cover confusion on the Emu page)

    It's Carsten Vogel in the middle, a truely wonderful sax player and have had my undivided attention for the past 50 years or so.

    ETA: this one has both Carsten Vogel and the Danish guitar icon Claus Böhling (Hurdy Gurdy, Masala Dosa etc.) in the lineup.

    ETA 2: my goodness ! and also another Danish icon from way back in the sixties, Finn Olafsson (Ache)

    - Utterly brilliant !

    - I could probably go on, but I better stop here :)

  • Damnit, of course it's after I leave that they get more prog rock.
  • Had never heard of Ache. Thanks for a great tip!
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