Amazon shutting its Music Storage Service

Recently got this email:

"Amazon Music is retiring the Music Storage service, which allows customers to upload and store up to 250 songs in a personal cloud library. Our records indicate you have uploaded one or more songs through your Amazon account in the past.

To keep, download, and play your uploaded songs at no extra cost, simply open a web browser, go to your Music Settings and click the “Keep my songs” button to direct us to save your music to the cloud. Otherwise your uploaded songs will be removed from your library on April 30, 2018.

Your Amazon Music digital purchases will continue to remain securely stored for playback and download -- no further action is required to retain those. These changes will not impact your ability to stream Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited."

I was using it as a place to backup music, though it had become increasingly difficult to upload more music thanks to Amazon's terrible Music App. Have a lot of this backupped on Google Music. 


  • I had uploaded 70K songs or more (Everything from the heydays of AmieStreet and Guvera). Seems like offline storage is still the best. I have a couple of big harddrives and a serious stack of burned DVDs of data. 

    I am currently at 73698 in an iTunes match account (about 628 GB according to iTunes). I would like to think Apple will keep that service going, but who knows what will happen with everyone going to streaming. 
  • I clicked the button earlier this year to keep the cloud open but this morning everything except my amazon purchases disappeared; even the ones that were downloaded to my phone! Anybody else experience problems with it?

    Oh well, it was convenient for taking music on or off my phone, but I won’t miss it too much. Hopefully they won’t keep charging me $25 per year. Is iTunes Match still a thing?
  • The email I received today said:

    Your subscription to Amazon Music Storage is set to expire September 28, 2018. Amazon Music is making updates to the Music Storage service and you can no longer renew your subscription or upload music beyond your expiry date. However, you can retain access to your previously uploaded content if you take the following steps:

    To keep your music, please take the following two steps:

    1. Go to your Music Settings on your web browser
    2. Click the “Keep my songs” button to direct us to save a copy of your music

    I clicked "keep my music," we shall see if it actually does that.

  • Huh. "Save a copy of your music" where, I wonder?
  • Ok, I think I see what happened; I got an email in August of 2017 that said my Music Storage would auto renew for $24.99 on September 11 unless I changed auto-renew settings, which I may have...

    Then I got the email Plong42 got around April, and I clicked keep, and it kept, until it failed to auto-renew on September 11. Thing is I looked, when I clicked keep, and I couldn’t find any way to change the auto renew...
  • But nevermind; now everything’s back! ???
  • Doofy said:
    Huh. "Save a copy of your music" where, I wonder?

    I assume 99% of the music is matched, so they have it on their servers already. 

    When Amazon opened the Music Storage service, I uploaded everything I got from AmieStreet, so they have to store my Prose in Rosetta collection forever.
  • My comment reflected ac2's confusion as to the timing of the "keep my music" offer...It will all be gone (except Amazon purchases) once everybody's final subscription renew expires. Plong, yes that includes your PiR collection, and probably Crimson Razorback too!

    The matching feature was kind of a disappointment to me. Rarely if ever did they match a full album...Seemed like there were always one or two tracks missing. Of course the bigger issue was that the product never could handle big music collections
  • Sometimes they match, and sometimes they don’t, and it’s not necessarily predictable which they do and don’t. I uploaded some things to make up for bad rips, but my vinyl rip Van Halen with skips in the last song remained as is; same with a lot of my 128 bit rips while others got upgraded; some albums got partial upgraded.

    But like I said everything’s back now. My 9 yr old/ tech support said they just needed to refresh my library...
  • My nine year old granddaughter, born the day Obama was elected, regularly says things like "Grandad don't you know how to do that" in relation to, eg, Facebook and Social Media, even PowerPoint!

  • Doofy said:
     probably Crimson Razorback too!
    Good thing I burned Crimson Razorback to CDrs and stored them in a cool dry place.

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