FREE/Low-Cost ebooks about music --

Ok, I know this isn't a book forum, but I follow ebook deals very closely, and I wanted to mention a great bargain for US customers on amazon today only (my guess). it's available only for US customers.

FREE 70s Music Encyclopedia -- (Ebook, 2 volumes). Wow! Each chapter of this Mike Morsch guide is a journalistic account of a different 70s album -- firsthand accounts about producing the album, critical responses, tour stories and how they came up with the ideas. A fascinating read -- I'm thrilled that BOTH volumes are available today as freebies! 

As an aside, I run an indie ebook press and closely follow deals about any kinds of ebooks. 

A week ago I published an article about how I figured out how to find low cost ebooks from Simon & Schuster on (the US version only).

If you follow this search URL,  you will find a good number of interesting music titles from S&S only for only 99 cents. These sales start on Tuesday midnight EST and last until Monday 11:59PM.  Then a different chunk of S&S links go on sale -- but you can use that search URL to find the music ebooks. 


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