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Further to the stream "What I bought from eMusic last month" and @omnifoo's list of top past purchases, I thought it would be helpful if we let each other know what treasures we've got, waiting to be downloaded from our Wish Lists!




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    Have a look at @omnifoo and others post on "What I bought from eMusic last month". Has led me to more than 50 extra albums on my Wish List.
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    My ROCK Wish List for December 2019


    ROCK <$4.00 PER ALBUM

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    My JAZZ Wish List for December 2019

    JAZZ <$4.00 PER ALBUM

    JAZZ <$3.00 PER ALBUM

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    My WORLD Wish List for December 2019

    WORLD <$4.00 PER ALBUM

  • Very hard to resist reducing the WL size...we've inevitably got a lot of overlap drawing from a shallower well, but I'm excited to hear it.
  • I know I am expanding the scope here, but here's my bandcamp wishlist - I have spent the last month winnowing it down from 180+ items to 20+, so I am quite likely to buy all of what remains here:

  • @Germanprof I recently did a project where I got paid via Paypal - Have been happily burning through my balance expanding my Bandcamp collection. Having a balance also encourages throwing a dollar or two to the artist/label on NYOP albums
  • Oh I wish I could get a payment that way - I'd be doing the same thing!
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