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“Revelations of the Flowermind” by Solid Sun. Obscure but great Progressive Rock album that sounds if it so easily could have been made in the late 60s or early 70s but in fact was released in 2015. Try the track “Distance” first - outstanding!

And it’s still on eMusic - 4 tracks lasting over 27 minutes for 99 cents.


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    @peterfrederics Just downloaded that, and it's a very strong entry on my 99-cent list.  Since prog is of special interest to you, I'll try to remember to point out individual albums crosslisted in prog here over the course of brute force searching.  I remember some popping up unexpectedly in the Italian and Hispanic-sourced labels, but alas, not yet one with full devotion.  Acid Mothers Temple must be pretty close, and I'll repeat from the other thread about OHR, Golden Core, Feeding Tube, and dubiously Krescendo. Two LPs on ROMPE records are borderline.   Camera Obscura only has eight titles, and while they've got the highest percentage actually labeled progressive rock of any label I've come across, the sound of the albums sounds closer to post-rock, and not very interesting post-rock at that, to me.  I have a vague idea that prog rock fans might like the expansive electronica of Tangerine Dream and Ozric Tentacles, and that kind of stuff lives on the International Feel label (or would have until Sept.'19 when it disappeared).  

    The Polish label Metal Mind seems to be a misnomer, as there seems to be at least as much progressive rock on it as metal.  Posted a couple examples below already b/c I didn't expect this to keep happening.  Also notable for allowing one to listen to the whole song when sampling.

    Definitely check out:  "Giordano Bruno" - Oak.  "The Future Sound of Yesterday" - Implosion Quintet.  "Heroe Anonimo" - Prinz.  "Anabelas" - Bubu.  "Waterfort" - Waleed Ahmed.  "Melencolia" - Poly-Math.  "S/t" - Iah.  "The Serpent and the Dove" - In Gowan Ring.  "Vozero" - Phil Manzanera.  "Course of the Satellite" - The Vryll Society.  "Leda" - Cisne Elocuente.  "S/t" - Promesas Temporales.  "Romance con la Ira" - La Perra.  "Leti Hum Eek Inda Jani Mish Masadi II" - Turbina.  "Alebrije" - Alejandro Marcovich feat. Manuel el Loco Valdés.  "Dislalia" - Carlos Marks.  "Tenquén" - Monstruos del Mañana.  "El Hambre" - Los Desastres de la Guerra. "KLY" - IGLY.  "S/t" - Inverse.  "Pulsar" - Mystic Morrison Visions.  "Long Forgotten Tales" & "Live at Mars" - Aton Five.  "S/t" - Tiny Taste.  "Dasfurtenfaf" - AKX. "Monument" - Tom Ford. "Nostalgia" - Satellite. "The Horse" - Blackout. "Otros Paraísos" - La Rifa del Viento.  "S/t" - Ah?  "Milk" - PeroPero.  "Centipede Wisdom" - HOO.

    "Endless" by Fjieri from 2010 is one that's been sitting forgotten in my iTunes library for years, and I just found it sorting through Italian labels and remembered it fitting here.  The label it's on, Forward Music Italy Srl, sure sounds like there should be more among its 20+ titles, but I haven't found any yet. 

    Ouzo Bazooka's "Songs from 1001 Nights" fits the bill, and I'd be shocked if the label it's on, Stolen Body, doesn't have more.  "Waiting for a Sign" - Githead (and its label, Swim, seems to have a lot of instrumental rock that's not quite prog but not far off either).

    A lot on El Templo ReKords skirts the borders, with Jorge Campos the most spot-on example.  Fulano's 2019 EP definitely qualifies, but the rest of their stuff veers more into fusion.  I'll go on the record in saying I'm pretty anti-fusion, but I'm not sure what to do with them:  On closer inspection, I think they're two different bands.

    "Reflejo" by Salamandra, the 2019 album by Reality Check, and then most especially "S/t" by Senogul got my hopes up for FAK Records, but the label seems much more committed to folk fusion on the rest of what I sampled, but where there's a few, there's likely to be more, I suppose.

    The one band I recognize on 4 Zero is  "Really Don't Mind If You Sit This One Out" - Mushroom.  Only six titles there, but they look to have potential.

    Longer tracks that fit progressive rock better than the rest of their albums:  "Паранойя" - Vice Versa. "Family Tree" - Mecca.  "Village Life" - Pino Forastiere.  Try the longer tracks on "Abandoned Garden" by Yujun Wang & Timer.

    Hard for me to stick to pure prog rock, as I always want to slip in psychedelia (probably will anyway), post-rock, jazz (i.e. Sam Gendel, All JaZZera), electronic (i.e. Blood Sport, Lokal Business), and world music (i.e. Olariche and His Guitar Band; Timasniwen; Raúl Cantizano) that's borderline.  A lot of stuff listed as Alt./Rock would seem a better fit as prog, though it's rarely crosslisted as such.  Long songs would seem to be a good tip-off, no?
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    @omnifoo Thanks and that's a great mix. And yes, please do include Psychedelia. I have always believed in the broadest of definitions for Progressive Rock.
    Another band from my side is "Jardin De La Croix" and their albums "Ocean Cosmonauts" and "187 Steps to Cross the Universe".

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    And on the subject of Psychedelia, how about this one! Just like Solid Sun album (see above), it could have come from the late 60s but in fact was released in 2015.

    Magic Mystic Psycedelic Ride" by The Changes

    4 songs lasting over 20 minutes for 99 cents on eMusic. The track to try first is "The Illusion"

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    "Something for Nothing" by Black Market Seratonin is good solid prog rock and very definitely from the 2010s. The label that it comes on, Superstar Destroyer Records, is also worth a look.

  • Par Lindh Project "In Concert - Live in Poland". Excellent Symphonic Prog with top musicians reminding me of ELP in "Pictures at an Exhibition". Well worth reading the Prog Archives write-up.

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    To keep this thread from falling off the first page, I'll start posting individual artists/groups/bands with more than one album available in a separate post (here).  Added a lot to the first one near the top, so I hope everyone who wants a list keeps checking back there.
    Acid Mothers Temple; Jorge Campos; Freaky Fairytale Band; Fulano; Mondo Drag (on of their albums has a / after the band name for some reason); Osada Vida; Salems Pot; Shooting Guns; 
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    Excellent album from Nine Stones Close called "Leaves".

    Rated in the top 100 Prog Rock albums of 2016 by Prog Archives against some hefty competition.

  • Eclipse Music Digital out of Finland claims to "specialize" in jazz and progressive rock on its website:  , but the only album in the catalog of 25 that seems to fit here is the one by Lasse Kallioniemi Project.  A few tracks by Syskofrenia and Rosa Jules toe the waters but can't really be called rock.  Overall, the label is still notable for having a lot of female vocalists (pretty rare in prog rock, no?) and interesting jazz from the 2010s, including 2019.
  • RPWL is a top rank German Prog Rock band. This Live album is one of Progarchives top rated albums for 2009.

  • @omnifoo Thanks for this. Never heard of them and they are really good band.
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    Three Seats Behind a Triangle" by Osada Vida. A really great Prog Rock album which is rated highly by Progarchives.
  • I'm probably going to pass on All the Empires of the World for being too close to metal, but they're not far from prog or post-rock either
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    Thanks @omnifoo for this tip. Whilst you are correct that most of the tracks do tend towards metal there are a few tracks which qualify as good quality Prog, an example being “Sundown” on the “Sunscraper” album. 

    By the way, you can get a free download of  “Sunscraper” at Free Music Archive on

    Also, some of their albums/EPs are NYOP on Bandcamp.
  • @peterfrederics

    Thanks for pointing out the NYP albums on Bandcamp; I might still buy one.  I’ve noticed you’re more adept at selecting individual tracks you like from albums.  I guess I’m either lazy or extremely old fashioned in taking in or rejecting full albums.  I’m sure I miss out on some great songs that might be the only one or two on an album, but I really don’t like skipping tracks.

    Keep up the searches and sharing.

  • Actually mostly quite new prog rock from the UK on Mains Spike Music.  I'll leave it to you to say whether it's any good.  Some metal, too.  Rock w/ flutes, etc.
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    Unfortunately I can't get the Main Spike Music label on eMusic chez moi. Tried it on Spotify and really liked "Firegarden" and "Deltanaut" which both have good Prog Rock influences.

  • Hard to keep track of all the flukes and hiccups of the site in addition to regional differences.  I'll look into those two.
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    Not sure if I'm impressed by Légamo, but they're new and use what sounds like a clarinet.   On the same label, Cuaderno Roto, I do find Artaud worth wishlisting for 99 cents  Ditto for another borderline case, Macondo.
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