Funky Electronic Jazz on eMusic and Elsewhere

This’ll be sacrilege to lots of folks on here, but I admit that I prefer listening to Jaga Jazzist over most classic or pure jazz.  eMusic used to be my source to stay current with them, but these days even their horn collaboration with Motorpsycho (from the “In the Fishtank” series) is gone.

Two that are tiding me over and still on the site as of now are Pudding oO

And JSBL (note that the second album is an actual 99-cent single of remixes, while the former is a short LP)

Some of Herbie Hancock’s work is an obvious influence on these, but I’m mostly interested in more electronic stuff with as little cheese in the funk as possible. 

Can anyone recommend more in this style (and pardon me if it’s below you to consider such adulteration)?  I’d prefer recs on eMusic, but don’t spend too much time searching for stuff you know and aren’t sure is on eMusic…spoiler alert:  it’s probably not.



  • Not really good at this genre but why not try "Miles Away" by The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble and "Vision Volume 3: Vision Festival 2003" by Various Artists.

    Really liked the "In the Fishtank" series and Motorpsycho was another great eMusic find, downloaded tracks from fourteen of their albums! Even have one Jaga Jazzist album - "A Living Room Hush".

  • The “Miles Away” album has been on the first page of my wishlist for years, the miraculous sole survivor still on the site, I believe.  I never pulled the trigger on it, but with your rec maybe it’s time to sample again at least.  

    From the looks of the jazz comp I’ll be surprised if it’s very electronic, but I’ll give it a sampling.  For some reason, I have a hard time getting over the hump to actually buy jazz if it’s mainly acoustic.

    I’ve got that Fishtank series Motorpsycho album and two others, and now that you mention it I figure they’d be up your alley.  Another sad one to lose to attrition, but I’m still finding that there’s more substitutes hanging on than most of us realize.

    “A Living Room Hush” and really anything by JJ is quite fine, but the ones you need to pick up are Lars Horntveth’s 37-minute “Kaleidoscopic” single with the Latvian orchestra and 2015’s epically five-tracked “Starfire”  They might as well be electronic prog rock.  AMG doesn’t list anything new from them, or I’d have to track them down on another source than our embattled beloved.

    Thanks for your picks on the double as ever!

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