Folk Music Labels on eMusic

The use of acoustic instruments is the only qualifier I can think of for being folk music.  I don’t listen to it often, and in fact I quite liked “A Mighty Wind” for skewering both serious and pop folk music, so I’ll refrain from saying something stupid.

Folk music labels still on eMusic as of late Nov. ’19, with some fudging around folk rock, folk pop, world music and maybe dominated by the Welsh labels:  Early License Group LLC; Eromeda; Eureka; FAK; FOL Musica; Fono Astur; Front and Follow; Green South; Gwymon; Master Music; On the Fiddle; Ouvirmos; Plateia D’Ilusões; Pure; Rasal; Saulės Muzika; serpent; Severalia; Sotones; Static Caravan; Tagomago; Tantrum; Temple; Tradisom; Trikont; VS.

Labels I find questionable in quality or folk categorization:  Art Music; Artist & Company; Artshift; Boy Scout; Clay Pipe; Chilevision;; Dial Discos; DOTWAV; Du Jour Productions; Edición Musical Forte-Music; Ecstasy Records India; Euskal Herriko Trikitixa Elkartea; Guarda Sónica; Hans Mondial; Kids on Coffee; La Disquera; LEPM DIGITAL; Lewisburg; Mondegreen; Musicadelsur; P.M. Productions; Sello Aveja; SMH; RadiciMusic; Sound Patrol; Sound Vision Studio; 

My top five where I’ve actually downloaded or wishlisted anything are Trikont, Ouvirmos, Static Caravan, Front and Follow, and serpent.  A serious folkster will undoubtedly disagree.

By all means, actual folk music enthusiasts are welcome to correct my misjudgments, whether sins of commission or omission.  

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