Life by a Thousand Cuts? $1 Albums & “Name Your Price” on Bandcamp

I know there are threads on bargains and sales, but I’m especially enticed by examples of fire sale level prices for obscure but interesting EPs and full-length albums.  Today’s eMusic allows one to be a baleen whale filtering for the tastiest plankton and krill, but it would be nice to know for sure artists are getting paid in a way that could still add up to something significant.

Linking to a favorite Brazilian artist, Siba, led me to find most of the back catalog is available for $1, and precipitated this list.  I especially like the “Avante,” “De Baile Solto,” and E A Fuloresta albums:

Others have pointed out that some of what I’ve enjoyed for 99 cents on the record labels Ledokol, ROHS!, wiaiwya, Humo, Log Lady, and Armatoste Brazo Discográfico is in the “Name Your Price” category. 



It’s comparatively labor intensive to search on Bandcamp, not least b/c the site’s mushrooming rather than collapsing.  If I get ambitious, I’ll take a stab at fleshing out the bargain bin, but it’ll probably have to wait until I’ve finished scouring eMusic from top to bottom.

I’m sure there’s tons on both sites that fit the cheapskate requirement, but I think most of it is unintentionally lofi home recordings and self-released borderline cases.  For many, that may be all you hear above and on eMusic in general these days, but I strongly disagree.  I find real value of a forum like this to help with filtration to highlight what should be netted and would otherwise fall through the cracks.  

Does anyone have other leads?  I don’t think I would “name my price” below $1, but I haven’t actually bought any yet.  Have you?

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